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Personal Data
Surname Meriet
First name John
Nickname Le Neveu
Dating 1327
Location Combe Florey
Life dates +1327
Close relatives father - Simon de Meriet (d. c.1295)
mother - Lucy (d. c.1324), daughter of Sir William Malet of Enmore
wife (1) - (1296) Mary de Mohun (circa 1299-1300)
wife (2) - (ante 1306) Elizabeth Paynel (1344)
John (1306- after 1338)
Simon (+1372)
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Peter & St Paul, Combe Florey, Somerset, UK
Date of manufacturing  

C14th Effigies of Sir John de Merriet of Hestercombe and his two wives

John de Meriet
Church of St Peter and St Paul, Combe Florey, Somerset, England

Combe Florey, SOMERSET - St Peter & St Paul
Knight and two ladies - now on floor. Said to be Sir John de Meriet of Hestercombe, who died in 1327, and his two wives, Mary de Bohun (1314) and Elizabeth Paynes (1334). The date is early 14th century - note the beginnings of plate armour on the lower limbs. Also note the structures on eithershoulder of the knight, particulalry as shown in the photograph on the left: these are ailettes, which can be seen quite clearly here to have served at least a heraldic function. These are very rare on medieval effigies but when they appear on brasses are illustrated as facing forwards.

Sir John de Meriet died in 1327 and, like his parents and two wives, was interred in the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Combe Florey, confirming a strong attachment to the manor. Carved from Dundry stone, Sir John’s effigy still lies inside the Church at the east end of the north aisle. Legs crossed and resting on a lion, it is adorned with a coat of chain mail, protective neck shields (ailettes), an arm shield, military belt and sword. Nearby are the memorials to Sir John’s two wives: Mary, daughter of William de Mohun of Ottery Mohun near Luppitt, Devon; and Elizabeth, widow of Philip Paynel of Combe Kaynes and Rampisham, Dorset.

Meriet of Meriet and of Hestercombe

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