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Personal Data
Surname de Bois
First name Robert
Dating 1333
Location Fersfield
Life dates 1308 - +1333
Close relatives father - Robert de Bois (Bosco) (+1311)
mother - Christian(e)? Latimer
wife - Joane Wickingham
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Andrew's Church, Fersfield, Norfolk, UK
Date of manufacturing  

Robert de Bois
St Andrew's Church, Fersfield, Norfolk, England

Надгробная фигура сэра Роберта дю Буа, ум. 1311 г. Церковь св. Андрея, Фёрсфилд, Норфолк. robert_de_bois_1311 St Andrew's Church, Fersfield, Norfolk

Effigy of Sir Robert du Bois (died 1311), in Fersfield Church, Norfolk, study for plate 57 in Stothard's 'The Monumental Effigies of Great Britain', published by Mrs Anna Eliza Bray, 1817-32, one of a large group of studies for this volume; whole-length, male figure, to front, with head against two pillows, hands in attitude of prayer, and wearing surcoat, with heraldic device, and armour, also separate studies, including details of decorations on the sword belt and scabbard.
1819 Graphite with pen and grey ink and watercolour
Drawn by: Charles Alfred Stothard

Norfolk, Fersfield
Robert du Bois d1311 under his original arch, now kept in a glass case. Restored and repainted by Rev Blomefield in 18c when found in a dirty and delapidated state
18c drawing by Rev Blomefield of Robert du Bois d1311 found by him dirty and delapidated. He removed, restored and repainted the effigy

Fersfield, Norfolk
1311 Robert who built the south aisle, son of Sir Robert de Bois who built the nave.
Son of Sir Robert de Bois who built the South Aisle. Carved in oak, now kept in a glass case

Fersfield Norfolk to Sir Roger de Bois d.1333

Alice (d. 1371) daughter of Sir Robert de Bosco (Bois) (d.1311), who in 1333 at the death of her only brother Sir Robert de Bois became sole heir, inheriting large estates which she brought to her husband

Painted effigy of Sir Robert du Bois, c. 1340; Fersfield, St Andrew’s Church. Paint work on his helmet and
gauntlets likely represents cloth coverings. From: Christopher Gravett, English Medieval Knight 1300-1400 (Oxford:

Sir Robert, at his death in 1311, was seized of Fersfield, Denton, Garboldisham, &c. leaving Robert du Boys, Knt. his only son and heir, then very young, and one daughter, Alice. Christian his mother was his guardian to her death, and then he became a ward of Thomas, Earl-Marshal, Earl of Norfolk, who presented here in 1326, the said Robert being not then of age: he died a bachelor in 1333, leaving his whole estate to Alice, his only sister and heiress
They sirnamed themselves De Bosco, or Bois, from the great wood which joined to their mansion-house, and was not cleared till Queen Elizabeth's time; Boscus in Latin, or Bois in French, signifying a wood. The crest of this family was a buck couchant, ermine. The whole generation continually resided here, from William, who was first infeoffed in it, to Alice, who was the last of that line. They were always a separate family from the De Boscos of Lincolnshire, or those of Ingham in Norfolk, which family bears a different coat from this; and because I have no where met with any pedigree of them

Blomfield initially attributed the effigy to Robert de Bois 1268-1311 who built the south aisle, and was the son & heir of Sir Robert de Bois by Amicia, widow of T. Hastyng / Hasting of Gilling, who built the nave. However the style of the armour is not c1310 but c1333 also the pose of the body has a sway (curve) and that form does not appear until the second third of the 14c.
It is now thought that the effigy was placed when Sir John Howard +++ acquired the Bois estates on behalf of his heiress wife Alice de Bois, on the death of her brother Sir Robert ===, who died unmarried). Did he at that time erect the monument to Alice's father who built the south aisle or her brother, the last male heir who died without issue ??.

здесь (Link) вообще говорится, что Robert-отец умер в 1334
Sir Robert de Bois
b. circa 1268, d. 1334
Sir Robert de Bois married Christian Latimer, daughter of Sir William Latimer, 2nd Lord Latimer and Lucy de Thwenge. Sir Robert de Bois was born circa 1268 at of Fersfield & Garboldisham, Norfolk, England; Age 30 in 1298.2 He died in 1334.
Alice de Bois d. 6 Sep 1372
Sir Robert de Bois

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