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Personal Data
Surname Heveningham
First name John
Dating 1453
Location Heveningham
Life dates 1400 - +1453
Close relatives father - John Heveningham (+1425)
mother - Margery / Margaret
wife - Elizabeth daughter of John Redesham of Rushbrook
Agnes (1427-1451)
Sir John (1429-1499)
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition parish church, Heveningham, Suffolk, England, UK
Date of manufacturing  

Village parish church Heveningham, Suffolk, England, UK 14th century effigy Sir John Heveningham

Suffolk, Heveningham - nearly up in smoke
Wooden effigy of Sir John Heveningham c1452 Lord of the Manor and wife Elizabeth daughter of John Redesham of Rushbrook (c1829 drawing). Once both thrown in the fire, John being rescued, his wife totally lost.
John was the son of Sir John Heveningham 1425 by Margery / Margaret widow of Sir John de Chalers/ Scalers / Scales of Whaddon, Cambs and Wyddial Herts www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/9741459076/
John became a retainer of William de la Pole 4th earl of Suffolk under whose command he served in France from 1417
1. Margery m Thomas Gedding is at Great Thurlow www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/5973793546/
2. Agnes 1427-1456 m Sir John Hopton 1478 www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/9775073003/ of Blythburgh widower of Margaret Saville 1451of Thornhill (daughter Elizabeth Brewes www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/9298699319/ ) m3 Thomasine Barrington
3. Sir John 1429-1499 m1 Alice Bruyn 1473 widow of John Berners & Robert Harleston son of Alice Clopton flic.kr/p/pKLHPy & John Harleston ; m2 Alice 1434 - 1483 daughter of John Savile 1482 & Alice Gascoyne ; (parents of Thomas Heveningham 1499 www.flickr.com/gp/52219527@N00/58zv8k at Ketteringham) ; m3 Margaret daughter of Sir John St. Leger of Ulcombe by Margery daughter of James Donnet of Sileham (Margaret was the widow of John De Clinton of Marstoke and Walter Hungerford - her brother Ralph is at Ulcombe www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/9741624748/ )
Another source says this could be John 1452's father John d1425
www.flickr.com/photos/52219527@N00/9741459076/ www.allertonoak.com/genealogy/ScalesNet3.html

Sir John Heveningham, c1450
St Margaret, Heveningham, Suffolk
Beside it lies the rather grim oaken effigy of a knight, Sir John Heveningham. It dates from about 1450, and supposedly once had a partner, his wife. These two effigies were thrown out into the churchyard during the 19th century restoration, and were consigned to a bonfire. Sir John was rescued, but his wife succumbed to the flames.

Sir John III De Heveningham / Hevenyngham
1400 - 1453

He was born in the year 1400 in Rushbrooke Manor, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England.
He died on July 3, 1453 in Heveningham Manor, Halesworth, Suffolkshire, England

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