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Personal Data
Surname Thiene
First name Giovanni
Dating 1415?
Location Vicenza
Life dates  
Close relatives  
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Thiene Chapel, Church of Santa Corona, Vicenza, Italy
Date of manufacturing The chapel was leased to Giovanni Thiene in 1390
ca. 1415

Tomb of Giovanni Thiene.
Vicenza: Church of Santa Corona
there is the Thiene Chapel, which can be found to the right of the stairs leading to the Cappella Maggiore. It is one of the oldest chapels in the Santa Corona and was already part of the thirteenth century version of the church, although it was restructured in the eighteenth century. The chapel was leased to Giovanni Thiene in 1390. His tomb (ca. 1415) can be found on the left side of the chapel. The tomb on the other side is that of Marco Thiene, his great-uncle.

One of the sarcophagi of Marco and Giovanni Thiene, members of a family of money-changers from the village of Thiene who rose to prominence and held important civic and military offices under the della Scala ascendancy. Palladio himself was originally interred in this church as well, but later removed to the 19th century Cimitero Maggiore di Vicenza.

Cappella Thiene o dei santi Pietro e Paolo
Conclude la navata destra, mantenendo ancora l'originale pianta duecentesca rettangolare. Essa fu concessa nel 1390 a Giovanni Thiene che nel 1415 fu sepolto nell'arca, da lui stesso predisposta, collocata sulla parete sinistra della cappella.

Ramo dei Thiene di Vicenza
Giovanni, Miglioranza, Uguccione (m. 1373)

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