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Personal Data
Surname Pignone (del Carretto)
First name Arimanno (Arimanni)
Dating 1415
Location Naples
Life dates +1415
Title cavaliere dell'Ordine della Leonza
Close relatives father - Roberto Pignone
mother - Giovanna Mazza
Type of the object tomb slab
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Basilica of Santa Restituta, Duomo, Naples, Campania, Italy
Date of manufacturing  

"Basilica of Santa Restituta. Tombs of XV century"
There are two funeral slabs of XV century with the figures of knights. First one belongs to Antonio Caracciolo the member of powerful Neapolitan noble family. Senior Antonio is shown in splendid suit of full plate armor typical for the first half of XV century. Pauldrons of his armor made in the form of the lion’s heads. Second slab belonged to the tomb of unknown Neapolitan knight of first half of XV century. Today this slab is in the wall but it is obvious that slab was in originally in the floor and was badly rubbed with feet of many parishioners and visitors.

Duomo di Napoli, sepolcro di Arimanno Pignone secolo XVII

sepulcher of Arimanno Pignone (1415) - right nave of the Basilica of Santa Restituta (Naples Cathedral)

Napoli - sepolcro di Arianni Pignone del Carretto, cavaliere dell'Ordine della Leonza

Arimanno (+ 1415, sepolto nella chiesa di S. Maria del Principio in Napoli), Patrizio Napoletano, Cavaliere della Compagnia della Leonza

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