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Personal Data
Surname Hrvatinic
First name Hrvoje Vukcic
Dating 1404
Location Split
Life dates 1350-1416
Title Ban de Croacia, Gran Duque de Bosnia y Herzog de Split
Close relatives father - Vukac Hrvatinic
wife - Jelena Nelipcic
Type of the object book illumination
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
painted in Split, Croatia
Place of exposition today in Istanbul
Date of manufacturing  

Bosnian Duke Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic. Image taken from his Glagolithic Missal from the beginning of the 15th c.

There are two beautiful examples of illuminated manuscripts from medieval Bosnia. Hval's missionary, kept in Zagreb, is ravishingly decorated manuscript with many miniatures. Misal Hrvoja Vukcica Hrvatinica - a liturgical book of the Bosnian duke and ruler of Dalmatia - Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic, today in Istanbul, is colourfully painted with many details of knightly culture (knights, crests etc.). Both were painted in Split, Croatia.

Este libro liturgico fue escrito en Split por el residente caligrafo y escriba glagolitico Butko en 1404 para Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic, que fue un Ban de Croacia, Gran Duque de Bosnia y Herzog de Split.1? Vukcic Hrvoje fue el miembro mas prominente de la Casa de Hrvatinic y el mas fuerte de los tres principales grandes senores feudales de la Bosnia medieval.


English: Bosnia in the early 15th century (around 1412) - Lands of Hrvoje Vukcic, Duchy of Sandalj Hranic, Principality of Pavle Radenovic, Banovina Usora and Lands under the direct authority of the Bosnian king.

Coat of Arms of Hrvoje Vukcic

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