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Personal Data
Surname de Clare
First name Richard
Dating 1340?
Location Tewkesbury
Life dates 4 August 1222 – 14 July 1262
Title 5th Earl of Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester, 2nd Lord of Glamorgan, 8th Lord of Clare
Close relatives father - Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford (+1230)
mother - Isabel Marshal (+1240)
wife (1) - Margaret (or "Megotta") de Burgh
wife (2) - Maud de Lacy
children (2)
Isabel de Clare (c. 1240-1270); m. William VII of Montferrat.
Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 7th Earl of Gloucester (2 September 1243 - 7 December 1295)
Thomas de Clare (c. 1245-1287); seized control of Thomond in 1277; m. Juliana FitzGerald
Bogo de Clare (c. 1248-1294)
Margaret de Clare (c. 1250-1312); m. Edmund, 2nd Earl of Cornwall
Rohese de Clare (c. 1252); m. Roger de Mowbray, 1st Baron Mowbray
Eglentina de Clare (d. 1257); died in infancy.
Type of the object vitreaux, stained glass
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Date of manufacturing 1340-4

Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Chancel - 1 of 7 clerestory windows, 1340-4
1. north west (left to right):
1-1 - Fitzroy
1-2 - de Clare Gilbert
1-3 - le Despenser
1-4 - FitzHamon
2. south west (left to right):
2-1 - de Clare Gilbert
2-2 - la Zouche
2-3 - de Clare
2-4 - de Clare

The 'Holders of the Honour of Tewkesbury', c.1338–40
... their English counterparts, who were slow to change from late Gothic styles characterized by single figures contained within one light such as in the 'Holders of the Honour of Tewkesbury' from Tewkesbury Abbey

из 8 изображенных персонажей 4 принадлежат семье de Clare
Gilbert "The Red" died in 1295
his son death of Gilbert in 1314 brought an end to the male line of the de Clare family, but his father and Joan of Acre's three daughters were all to be involved in significant marriages.
- поэтому все изображенные на витраже 1340-х мужские представители семьи были историчными (уже давно умершими) и изображенный костюм мог выражать преемственность поколений
Margaret married:
1. Piers Gaveston
2. Hugh Audley
Eleanor married:
1. Hugh le Despenser (? 1-3) - was later beheaded with his father in 1326
2. William la Zouche
Elizabeth (oldest - inherited the title of Lady of Clare) married:
1. John de Burgh
2. Theobald Lord Vernon
3. Roger Damory

The south west window in the chancel contains images of four knights who were important descendants of the Abbey's founder Robert Fitzhamon
2-1 - ?Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester (+1262)
2-2 - William de Mortimer la Zouche (d1337) was the second husband of Eleanor de Clare who had these chancel windows made shortly after his death
2-3 - Gilbert de Clare (d1295) was the 7th Earl of Gloucester
2-4 - Gilbert de Clare, 8th earl of Gloucester (d1314)
The north west window in the chancel contains images of four knights who were important descendants of the Abbey's founder Robert Fitzhamon, along with Robert himself.
From left to right
1-1 - Robert Fitzroy (d1147) - He married Robert Fitzhamon's daughter
1-2 - Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Gloucester (d1230), or Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester (d1314)
1-3 - Hugh II Despenser the Younger (d1326) - married to Eleanor the sister of Gilbert de Clare (8th)
1-4 - Robert Fitzhamon (d1107) who was the founder of Tewkesbury Abbey in 1102

некоторые старые рисунки при хорошей передаче деталей показывают расположение персонажей не такое, как сегодня

[Masse, 1901] apparently says this is left to right: 5th Earl of Gloucester, William la Zouche, 6th Earl of Gloucester, 7th Earl of Gloucester.
However the notice at Caerphilly Castle says 7th Earl is the 3rd one across not 4th one.

The glass was rearranged in 1923.

The de Clares are represented in the first, third and fourth panels, probably 2 Gilberts and a Richard (2-1).

изображенный на костюме 1-1 герб был "поэтическим" (Canting arms or badge) семьи de Clare
позже (когда - неизвестно) этот герб был принят семьей Grenville
... the Grenville family of Bideford in Devon, held from the de Clares as feudal barons of Gloucester ...
Arms of Grenville, as visible sculpted on the monument to Sir Thomas Grenville (died 1513) in St Mary's Church, Bideford: Gules, three clarions or. These are the canting arms of the de Clare family, Earls of Gloucester, heirs of FitzHamon and overlords of the Grenvilles
рыцарь Richard I de Grenville участвовал в завоевании conquest of Glamorgan в составе The Twelve Knights of Glamorgan вместе с Robert Fitzhamon (также изображен на нашем витраже), своим старшим братом, ставшим первым Lord of Glamorgan
вторым поколением (почти все изображены на нашем витраже) Lord of Glamorgan была семья de Clare
поэтому этот герб можно приписать Richard I de Grenville (d.post 1142)

для данного образца в моей системе этот костюм - 2-1 - был выбран как наиболее сформированный из этой серии костюмов
его персонаж однозначно не определен, но по некоторым описаниям это
Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester, 2nd Lord of Glamorgan, 8th Lord of Clare (4 August 1222 – 14 July 1262)
так как установить связь между характером костюма (более или менее развитый) и историчностью изображенного персонажа не удалось (более старшие персонажи могут имеют более развитый костюм и наоборот), то достоверность приписывания изображения тому или иному персонажу не принципиальна

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