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Personal Data
Surname (de Rover) van Montfoort
First name Jan I
Nickname 1380?
Dating 1380?
Location Linschoten (?Utrecht, ?Montfoort)
Life dates 1318-1345
Title 4e burggraaf Van Montfoort, heer van Heeswijk, Achthoven, Wiliskop
Close relatives father - Zweder I van Montfoort (1270-1331)
mother - Catharina van Holland
wife - Maria Polanen (dochter van Jan I van Polanen)
Type of the object Epitaph, Memorial tablet
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Church of St. John, Linschoten
Place of exposition Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
Date of manufacturing 1385-1390

Anonymous Master,
Epitaph of the Lords of Montfoort, 1385-1390
– Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum.

The Epitaph of the Lords of Montfoort, probably also painted in Utrecht around 1385/90 and commissioned for the Church of St. John in Linschoten, displays a similar concept, although here the marked difference in figure scale – the
Bedeutungsmasstab – has been abolished (Fig. 11.7). The entire epitaph applies a highly schematic figure style and this aspect of the representation of the kneeling Lords is still enhanced by their ostentatiously repetitive appearance. It suggests that the representation focussed on the continuity of the House Montfoort rather than individual members thereof

Memorial tablet for the Lords of Montfoort
Year c. 1380
Unknown artist
Oil on panel
Dimensions 69 x 142 cm
Depicted between the Madonna and Child (left) and St George (right) are the lords of Montfoort. From left to right: Jan I, his uncle Willem, his great-uncle Roelof and the latter's son Hendrik. They are all kneeling before the Virgin Mary. Hendrik is supported by St George, patron saint of knights. He was the only one of the four not to die fighting the Frisians at the battle of Warns (1345). Perhaps it was he who commissioned the work. The painting dates from around 1380, more than thirty years after the battle. It is the oldest - surviving - Dutch painting.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

c. 1380/1400: commissioned by a member of the Van Montfoort family for the altar of the Virgin Mary, Sint-Janskerk, Linschoten (?)


This is the oldest known surviving painting that was made in the Netherlands. The main subjects of this painting are 4 members of De rover family of Montfoort (a town in the Netherlands in the province of Utrecht). Three of the four died along with count William IV of Holland at the battle of Warns, 26 September 1345. The four are shown between Mary and Siant George. From left to right the lords are:
- Viscount Jan I van Montfoort,
- Roelof de Rovere van Montfoort,
- Willem de Rovere van Montfoort
- Hendrik de Rovere van Montfoort.
Hendrik de Rovere van Montfoort is held by Saint George to signify his survival. The text at the bottom explains that the lords died at the battle of Warns and asks the reader to pray for their souls. This painting was made around 1400.

выбран этот персонаж как наиболее интересный костюм - кольчужные налядвенники

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