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Personal Data
Surname Incent (de Berkhamsted)
First Name Henry
Dating 1385?
Location Berkhamsted
Life dates  
Title Constable of Berkhamsted castle in the mid 14th Century
Black Prince's lieutenants at the Battle of Crecy
Close relatives wife - Torrington Unknown
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Peter's Church, High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, Great Britain
Date of manufacturing  

Henry Berkhamsted
As the porter of Berkharnsted castle he was granted the keeping of all litter found in the chambers of the castle whenever they are cleaned on 18 April 1351. He was appointed to seize all the goods of Roger le Graunt on 19 December 1352. In the following year the office of porter was granted to him for life with wa es of 2d. a day. In subsequent years he received gifts of timber for fuel from the prince. He fought with the prince at Poitiers and as a reward for his military service in Gascony he was promoted to the office of constable of Berkhamsted castle with 4d. a day wages on 27 November 1356. It appears that he also rented various lands at Berkhamsted. Due to what seems to have been an important role in the battle of Poitiers, he was pardoned the rent of 13s. 4d. a year. Around this time he was also granted an area of land (42 acres) called Galeweyeslond in Berkharnsted for no rent.
In 1357 he was described as yeoman and pantler and received a further grant as a reward from his service in 1355-6, that he and his heirs should hold his lands of the prince rent free. His association with the prince in both military and adn-dnistrative capacities brought further rewards in 1358 when he was granted a robe in the livery of the prince's esquires. He also leased at farm 334 acres, one rood and 12 perches with 23 acres of meadow and 19 acres of pasture in Berkhamsted, previously held by Robert Kynebell, at f 10 15s. 10d. a year. His authority at Berkhamsted was augmented in 1359 when he was granted livery of the prince's demesne lands, meadows and pastures. Following further grants he was permitted to retain E9 2s. 6d. of rent as wages for his offices of constable and porter. Under the title of usher of the hall, Henry was granted, for life, the dernesne lands linked to Berkhamsted manor which had been held by Kynebell for life at no rent. He was exempted from paying rent of flO 15s. 10d. on various other properties he had on the manor soon after. He was one of the prince's household which crossed to Aquitaine in 1363 and may well have regularly crossed the Channel on the prince's business or to oversee his interests in Berkhamsted. In 1366 he crossed to Aquitaine with a number of ships which had been requisitioned on his behalf. At this point he had the title of marshal of the hall.

English: St. Peter's, Berkhamsted : Incent Memorial This memorial is thought to represent members of the Incent Family, the wife being a Torrington before her marriage. As the inscription has disappeared however, this is conjectural. John Incent was Dean of St.Paul's Cathedral and founded Berkhamsted Collegiate School in 1541. The figures represented here however are far older, dating from the C14th century at the latest I'd guess.

Henry of Berkhamsted and wife 1370. Henry was Constable of Berkhamsted castle in the mid 14th Century. The effigy is carved from Totternhoe stone.

This monument, a panelled altar tomb was once thought to represent members of the Incent Family or the Torrington family but it is now thought to be the tomb of Henry of Berkhamsted, constable to the Black Prince at Berkhamsted Castle

a stone tomb which is thought to be that of Henry of Berkhamsted and his wife; the tomb has lost its inscription and the identity of the persons interred within has been in dispute for many years. The tomb has two stone supine effigies on top with hands together in prayer, Henry wearing medieval armour. Henry was Constable to the Black Prince at Berkhamsted Castle in the mid-14th Century.

This was once thought to be the tomb of Richard and Margaret Torrington. The heraldic shields around the base include the crests of the Incent and Torrington families, suggesting that Henry may have been a member of the Torrington family, perhaps married to an Incent, or an Incent married to a Torrington

Mr. Cussans in a letter to me, Oct. 8, 1877, and also in his History, p. 63, shows that the altar-tomb is in memory of an Incent who married a Torrington and the brass in memory of a Torrington who married an Incent

between chancel and aisle of N. transept, altar tomb, with alabaster effigies of knight, in plate armour, and lady, late 14th-century, said to be an Incent, and his wife, a Torrington

1385 — Torrington (Incent ?)—effigy in Berkhamsted Church

герб, похожий на изображенный на памятнике - роза, косая лента, голубь
происхождение неизвестно

еще один вариант герба этой школы - the original school founded in 1541 by John Incent

еще один вариант герба, принадлежащий семье Incent - Or a bend gules with a rose or there-on and a martlet sable in the cantle.

A good number of ancient monuments remain, though, for the most part, not in their original positions. The most notable is the panelled altar tomb, now in the arch between the east chapels of the north transept and the chancel, which seems to have first stood in the second bay of the north arcade of the nave, and was afterwards in the north transept. On it lie two alabaster effigies, said by Cussans (fn. 51) to be those of one of the Incent family, and his wife, a Torrington, but the inscription has disappeared.
Other brasses are those of John Raven, 1395, now on the south of the quire stalls, of Robert Incent, 1485, and Katherine his wife, 1520, both in St. John's chapel

здесь упоминаются находящиеся в этой церкви памятники Robert (+1485) and Katherine (+1520) Incent, имеющие герб, аналогичный изображенному на нашем памятнике
также упомянут памятник Johannes Incent (+1400)

n the south east corner of the chapel is an archway with steps up to the blocked off chancel; here has come to rest a grand mediaeval chest tomb with ogee niches along its sides, decorated with shields bearing Burghersh and Incent family arms . On top rest effigies of an armoured knight and his lady; his feet rest on a well carved lion and his head on a jousting helm topped by the unusual crest of a balding bearded man. It is said that the tomb is that of a constable of the castle during the 1370s called Henry of Berkhamsted, who wears the coat of arms of the Incent family on his jupon.

Таким образом, на памятнике изображен член семьи Incent, но установить личность однозначно не удалось. Возможно, это действительно Henry, который за его долгую службу получил прозвище de Berkhamsted (он пробыл в должности Constable of Berkhamsted castle около 30 лет)
"The longest serving was Hendy de Berkhamsted, who had been constable of Berkhamsted castle for thirty years"
he was promoted to the office of constable of Berkhamsted castle ... on 27 November 1356, поэтому
Вероятная датировка памятника - 1385 (см. P0272, 1386)

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