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Surname Martin (of Waterston, junior branch of the family FitzMartin - The Lords of Cemais (or Kemys) in Pembrokeshire)
First Name Robert
Dating 1375
Location Puddletown
Life dates +1375
Close relatives father - Nicholas of Waterston (+1326)
mother - Margery (+1319)
wife - Agnes de Loundres
sons - Robert, Richard, William
Type of the object effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Athelhampton Chapel, St Mary the Virgin, Puddletown, Dorset, England
Date of manufacturing  

Knight in ogee arched recess, later 14th century; shield. The front of the tomb chest has carvings of the Crucifixion flanked by the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, St Peter and St Paul in niches.

13th century tomb of a Martyn family knight
The major historic interest of St Mary's is to be found in the south transept, usually known as the Athelhampton Chantry. The chantry is filled with monuments to the Martyn family of nearby Athelhampton House.

The Athelhampton Chantry or Chapel of St Magdalene was the burial place of the Martins, whose ancestral home was Athelhampton Hall. The magnificent altar tomb with an alabaster effigy is in memory of Sir William Martyn, who died in 1503. The second tomb, with an effigy of a knight, in plate armour, lying on a low altar tomb is dated at around 1400. On the floor are effigies of a knight and lady in Ham Hill stone, which are probably 13c. These are the greatest collection of medieval effigies in the South West - outside the Cathedrals of Salisbury, Exeter, Bath and Wells

A knight lies under the window on a tomb dating to around 1390 with a scene of crucifixtion on the front. I am going from the family chart and would guess that this could be Sir Richard and Elizabeth Martyn. Richard died in 1389.

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In a recess in the wall, there's a 'coffin' tomb with the effigy of a magnificent moustachioed knight in late-14th century armour. The tomb front has an effigy of the crucifixion and eight other figures, one of which was rediscovered during the conservation work. This tomb had been pushed back into the wall long ago, making the lead-lined coffin too narrow to hold any remains. When it was brought out for cleaning and conservation, the conservators were surprised to find the knight still had a dagger at his belt.

Monument (7), anonymous. late 14th-century

ca. 1350-1370 - 'unknown knight', St. Mary's Church, Puddletown, Dorset

In the Athelhampton Chapel are a number of tombs of the Martyn family of Northampton

One of the earliest effigies, this figure in the niche under the south window is of Ham Hill stone and bears arms and armour appropriate to c.1360. The tomb panel below depicts 9 figures, the one on the extreme left bearing faint traces of original paintwork. This had been obscured and thus protected by another monument relocated in 2012 during the restoration.

The restoration of the Athelhampton Chantry which included the conservation of the important Martyn monuments was finally completed in 2013. In the centre of the chantry are the alabaster effigies of a knight and his lady, thought to be Martyns because of the "device" of an ape under the knight's foot - a creature depicted on the family crest. Both figures had suffered severely from damp, vandalism and damage from earlier moves.

персонаж однозначно неизвестен, но капелла, где находится памятник, - фамильная, Martyn family of nearby Athelhampton House
датировать памятник можно около 1365-75 (P0560, 1375; P0572, 1362; P0316, 1367 - ребро наколенника, высокий пояс)
этой дате полностью соответствует реальный персонаж - Robert Martin (+1375), позже фамилия стала писаться Martyn

Martin, Robertus, De Athelhampston in , Born ABT 1301, Died Sep 1375

Robert Martin III (1285-1375)
Son of Robert Martin II and Elizabeth
Husband of Elizabeth Yeovilton
Father of Robert Martin IV

The last of the senior line of the family (FitzMartin), Eleanor, died in 1342. By this stage, junior branches of the family were already established in Waterston, Dorset (later of Athelhampton)

Sir William Martyn of Athelhampton, near Dorchester, Dorset (c. 1446 – 14 January 1503) was Sheriff of London in 1484 and Lord Mayor of London in 1492. He built the current Great Hall of Athelhampton in or around 1485. Effigies of him and his family can be seen in the Church of Saint Mary in nearby Puddletown.
Sir Robert of Waterston, c. 1301-Sept. 1375 =Agnes de Loundres

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