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Personal Data
Surname Tendring
First Name William III (Miles)
Dating 1408 (1421?)
Location Stoke-by-Nayland
Life dates 1339-1408 (1421)
Title Sir, Lord of the Manor of Tendring Hall from 1375
Close relatives father - William Tendring (1319-1375)
mother - Margaret (1322-1347) daughter of William Kerdiston of Claxton
wife - Katherine (+1402), daughter of William Mylde of Clare
daughter - Alice Tendring (1365-1426)
Type of the object brass
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
St. Mary Virgin, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England
Place of exposition St. Mary Virgin, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England
Date of manufacturing  

1408 Sir William (Miles) Tendring Lord of the Manor of Tendring Hall from 1375. The son of William Tendring and Margaret daughter of William Kerdiston of Claxton. He married Katherine d1402 daughter of William Mylde of Clare, widow of Sir Thomas Clopton of Kentwell Hall, Long Melford. Their only child Alice Tendring married in 1398 Sir John Howard. Their first grandson becoming the first Howard Duke of Norfolk. He is in mixed mail and plate armour, the face believed to be his portrait.



It must be remembered that brass effigies reflect the individual symbolically, and not necessarily realistically, especially the faces. It is therefore interesting to note the detail the artist has given to Sir William's face, and his beard, which would be the correct style for his time. It is believed that the artist may have been working from a portrait.
Sir William de Tendring's brass effigy is five feet by eleven inches long and is in excellent condition. The inscription is missing, however, it is on record as Hic jacent tumulati D'ns Will'us Tendring miles et D'na Cathering Clopton uxor eius qui obieront Anno D'ni 1408 quor' a'i'abus p'pitiet'r Deus Amen. His armor is an excellent example of the Mixed Mail and Plate Period. Special note should be made of the chain mail closely fitted about his neck. From Knights on Suffolk Brasses, T. M. FelgateEast Anglian Magazine Limited, Ipswich, 1976, p. 120-121, Figures 46.

хотя во всех описаниях памятника указывается датировка 1408, а d вышеприведенном фрагменте эта датировка приводится как указанная на памятнике и указывает на смерть в этом году обоих супругов, в некоторых генеалогиях жена нашего персонажа умерла в 1403, а сам персонаж - в 1421

Baron Sir William 1319-1375 &1347 Margaret de Kerdeston 1322-1347
Baron Sir William II 1339-1421 & Katherine Mylde 1339-1403
Alice 1365-1426 & Sheriff of Essex Sir John Howard 1365-1436

Birth: 1339 - Death: 1421

Sir William Tendring died in 1408; his wife in 1402

Sir William II de Tendring, Baron Tendring Of Nayland (1339-± 1421)

William de Tendring, Knt, of Tendering Hall1 died Abt. 1421 in Tendring Hall, Stokes-by-Nayland, County Suffolk, and buried The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, before the altar in the South Chapel

Tendring arms: Azure, a fess between two chevrons argent

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