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Personal Data
Surname Wotton
First Name John
Dating 1408?
Location Widworthy
Life dates 1374 - +1408
Title Lord of Widworthy
Close relatives father - William (Wotton) de Wotton (abt. 1342 - bef. 1393)
mother - Gundred (Wyger) Wotton (1354 - 1397)
wife - Englesia (Dymoke) Wotton (abt. 1377 - )
Joan Wotton (1398 - 1428)
Alice (Wotton) Chichester (abt. 1409 - abt. 1437)
Type of the object  
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Cuthbert, Widworthy, Devon, England
Date of manufacturing  

близок (характерные крылья налокотников и наколенников) P0509, 1389 и P0290, 1418, то датировать изображенный костюм можно 1390-1400 годами, в пользу чего говорит пояс без узла, закрытые вервелли
такую датировку дают и некоторые описания памятника

Sir Hugh de Prouz (1350)
Rogers, William Henry Hamilton. 1877. The ancient sepulchral effigies and monumental and memorial sculpture of Devon. pg S-XI. Exeter: Printed for the author by W. Pollard.

Knight c 1400, said to be Sir William Prouz He holds a shield which is carved with his arms in relief but this faces the wall:
the arms are: Crusily of cross-crosslets, three lions rampant.

There is a piscina in the south wall of the chancel with drain. The chancel is small, and on the arch are the appropriate words:— "I will be unto them as a little sanctuary." Beneath an arch, under the window in the north transept, is a recumbent male figure in armour in an excellent state of preservation. He is arrayed partly in plate and partly in chain armour. On his head is a bascinet, descending from which is the camail protecting the neck and shoulders suspended by a belt passing over the right shoulder, his shield hangs on his left arm and reaches to the lower part of his thigh, his hands in the attitude of prayer rest on his breast. On the shield are three lions rampant between five crosslets. The feet, on which there are spurs, rest on a lion; at each side of the head is an angel. There is no inscription, but the effigy is supposed to represent Sir Hugh Prouz

" Sir William Prouz (+1326), who was Lord of Gidleigh in the reign of Henry III,, had issue four sons ; to the eldest, bearing his own name, he gave Gidleigh and Throwleigh, to Sir Richard he gave Ashreshton, now Ashton, and Sir Hugh, the third son, had Stapleton, Gatcombe and Widworthy. From the heirs general of which three knights are sprung divers dignous houses."
It is very probable this effigy represents Sir Hugh de Prouz, or one of his successors, as Widworthy remained for several descents in this name until the heiress of the family brought it to Wotton. The arms on the shield, though differing from the usual coat assigned to Prouz, by the addition of the crossh'ts, are substantially the same as given by Sir W. Pole for " Prouz of Widworthy." The crosslets were added for difference, doubtless, to the parent coat. The arms of Chudleigh, (afterwards of Broadclyst) who married a niece of this Sir Hugh, being a daughter and co-heir of his brother, Sir Richard Prouz of Ashton, 13 Edward III., are also very similar, and were probably adopted.

... effigy of a knight in armour ... It must have been intended for William Wootton, who purchaised Widworthy in the reign of Edward III (1327-1377)

... Pole assigns the arms of Prouz ... to the Prouz of Gatcombe and Widworthy, and the same bearings to Wotton of Widworthy

в конце 14 века в Widworthy уже жила семья Wotton
William (Wotton) de Wotton (abt. 1342 - bef. 1393) - (Link)
John II Wotton (bef. 1374 - 1408) - (Link) - (Link)

John de Wooton married Joan de Moels Lady of Widworthy (Devon), daughter of Sir Roger de Moels and Alice Prouz, circa 1326. He died before 1 Jan 1335

Richard19 Wooton (John) married Julian Prouz, daughter of William le Prouz.

William Wooton (Richard) married Gundred Wyger, daughter of Thomas Wyger and Christian, before 1374

John Wooton Lord of Widworthy (Devon) (William) married Englesia Dymoke, daughter of Walter Dymoke, before 8 Mar 1408

однозначно определить принадлежность памятника не удалось
скорее всего, принадлежит члену семьи Wotton, вероятнее всего, John (+1408), потому что он указывается в генеалогиях как Lord of Widworthy, в отличие от своего отца William (+1393)
поэтому памятник будет приписан ему, John (+1408)

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