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Personal Data
Surname MacLeod
First Name Alasdair (Alexander)
Nickname Crotach
Dating 1390?
Location Rodel
Life dates 1450 – 1547
Title 8th Chief MacLeod
Close relatives father - William Dubh (7th chief)
wife - daughter of Cameron of Lochiel
son - William (8th chief)
Type of the object tomb Effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
St Clement's Church, Rodel, Isle of Harris, Scotland
Place of exposition St Clement's Church, Rodel, Isle of Harris, Scotland
Date of manufacturing 1528

In the Church of St Clement at Kowdil (Eodil, or Rodel), in the island of Harris, are three effigies, which have been previously figured and described by Dr Boss, architect, Inverness, in the nineteenth volume of the Proceedings. Two are recessed in the wall of the nave on each side of the south transept, and one, very much decayed, lies at the end of the transept. The most important of the three, that east of the transept, bears an inscription which appears to show that the tomb was erected in 1528 by Alexander, son of William Macleod of Dunvegan, and has the back of the arched recess elaborately filled in with carved panels of sacred and secular subjects. The figure wears the usual conical bascinet, surrounded by a jewelled wreath, short camail, close-fitting jupon, military belt, peaked knee-pieces, and short obtusely-pointed sollerets. The armour on the thighs is dovetailed, but on the front instead of the sides, as is usual

In 1528, Alasdair Crotach MacLeod, 8th Chief, prepared for himself a magnificent wall tomb on the south side of the choir - possibly the finest medieval wall tomb in Scotland, being crowned by an arch and ornated by carvings of biblical design. The 9th Chief, Alasadair or Alexander's son William, had his grave prepared in the south wall of the nave in 1539. In the south transept, there is a third grave probably belonging to John MacLeod of Minginish, the 10th Chief

MacLeod stated that Alasdair Crotach died in 1547.[3] He was buried within a tomb inside St Clement's Church, Rodel, on Harris. The tomb is one of the most richly carved tombs in Scotland of its period. The tomb dates to 1528, about two decades before Alasdair Crotach's death. He was the first MacLeod chief to be buried on Harris, his predecessors are all said to have been buried on the island of Iona

Rodel is a village on the south-eastern coast of Harris, an island in the Scottish Outer Hebrides

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