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Personal Data
Surname Urswick
First Name Walter
Dating 1403
Location Catterick
Life dates +1403
Title Chief Forester of Swaledale and Constable of Richmond Castle
Close relatives  
Type of the object  
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Anne, Catterick, Yorkshire
Date of manufacturing  


Yorkshire Catterick
Sir Walter Urswick , Chief Forester to John of Gaunt in the new forest of Swaledale. Constable of Richmond Castle 1371. He fought and afterwards received a knighthood at Navarre, Spain on 3rd April 1366. Shields on canopy - Urswick/ Scroop of Masham - the former impaling the latter. (himself and his wife)

On the 6th of March, 1386, John of Gaunt, King of Castile, made another expedition into Spain, and Sir Walter de Urswyk's name occurs, with 247 other knights and gentlemen, who, under the conduct of John Chatterton, John Brown of Latham, Sir Hugh de Despenses, and Sir Philip Okore, formed his retinue on that occasion.

As to the date of Walter's death we fail to find any note, but a handsome monument in the form of a recumbent statue of a knight in armour was erected to his memory, and stood within an arch in the south aisle of Katterick Church, which was rebuilt in 1412. If Sir Walter survived this period, he would probably be about 75 years of age, otherwise his tomb was removed from the old building.

In another part of the church, viz., on a window of the chancel, are also depicted the arms of Urswick, " 3 lozenges on a bend,"t with another shield, viz., " per fesse gules and argent, in chief a demi lion rampant, in base a rose counterchanged. 9 ' Also on another shield the same arms impaling that of the Burgh* family. Likewise the inscription, Super tumulum cufusdam equitis armati Urswic, which intimates that below this chancel window was the original position of Urswick's tomb, and that on the chancel being at some period restored or rebuilt, it was removed to its present one in the south aisle

так что дата смерти этого персонажа - после 1386
это согласуется с изображенным костюмом - декоративные накладки на поножах и наручах, наколенник с полунаголенником и полуналядвенником

In 1367 John of Gaunt, then lord of the honour, granted ?40 out of the issues of this manor to Walter de Urswick for good service in Spain. (fn. 13) Sir Walter, who is buried in Catterick Church, probably lived here

In the south wall in an arched recess is the recumbent effigy of Sir Walter Urswick, constable of Richmond Castle in 1371. He is in chain and plate armour; his legs are broken away. On the label over the recess are three shields with the arms of Urswick, Scrope of Masham, and Urswick impaling Scrope.

In the south aisle is a medieval screen enclosing a chapel housing the monument to Sir Walter Urswick (d. 1377), a retainer of John of Gaunt, this monument apparently moved from the old church, but perhaps originally to a different position (the armorial shields on the canopy do not show the Urswick heraldry)

Master Foresters and Bowbearers of Bowland (1304–1650)
1372–1403 Sir Walter Urswyk
The Forest of Bowland, also known as the Bowland Fells, is an area of barren gritstone fells, deep valleys and peat moorland, mostly in north-east Lancashire, England with a small part in North Yorkshire

Sir Walter Urswyk was Master Forester of the Forest of Bowland in the second half of the fourteenth century

The date of Sir Walter Urswyk's death is uncertain. Two dates have been proposed: 1377 and 1403. Urswyk is not
buried in Bowland but in St Anne's Church, Catterick.

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