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Personal Data
Surname Braose
First Name John
Dating 1342
Location Lea
Life dates 1303 - 1342
Title of Lea & Gayburton, Sir
Close relatives father - Piers (Peter) de BRAOSE, of Tetbury, Sir (1273-1312)
mother - Agnes de CLIFFORD (1274-1332)
wife - Margaret Trehampton (+1354)
child - Agnes de BRAOSE , Heiress of Lea b: ABT 1330
Type of the object Effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Helen, Lea, Lincolnshire, England
Date of manufacturing  

"Effigy of Sir Ralph of Trehampton descended from Galfridus who was Lord of this manor and sheriff of this county AD 1242. He married Joan widow of William de Esney and daughter of Sir John of Diof and Ermentruda de Amundeville his wife. His son John de Trehamton dying without issue, the line is now represented by the descendants of his daughter Margaret who married Sir John de Braose " - Inscripton possibly placed in 20c when the monument was repainted. Ralph's held lands in Gate Burton, Lea and others of 2 knights' fees of the honour of Richmond Daughter Margaret his heir was on her death holding the manors of Lea, Gate Burton, Scothern and Herlaxton. As well as George and Agnes who dsp Margaret and John Brewes had a son John. Margaret's second husband Norman de Swynford had John declared an idiot, took advantage of this and sold land, expelled tenants and committed waste in all of the manors except Harlaxton which was occupied by his relative Edmund de Swynford (who had received it without license from Norman and estate later taken by the king).. Norman then married John Brewes jr to his niece Anna Swynford, by whom John Jr had an heiress daughter Margaret b1353 who m1 John Pontrell m2 Peter Nuthill. . John jr later m2 Joan Cornubia and was able to prove his senses and eventually recovered his estates and the later appearance of the Trehampton manors in the possession of the Cokesays indicates a later Trehampton heiress descent

после смерти Ralph'а наследником стал его сын John, у которого имение было конфисковано в 1322
In May 1322, Edward II knighted William in gratitude for his support during the campaign against the Marchers, promised him an income of fifty pounds a year and granted him the Lincolnshire manor of Lea, forfeited by John de Trehampton, retainer of the recently executed John Mowbray. [9] Trehampton claimed, somewhat implausibly, that he had tried to leave Mowbray and surrender to Edward as soon as he knew that Mowbray was going against the king, but that William, wanting his lands, put spies everywhere to kill him before he could do so, and threatened his friends so they dared not pursue his business. Trehampton got Lea back in Edward III's reign

затем наследницей стала дочь Ralph'а - Margaret (+1354)
замужем за John de BRAOSE (+1342)

в одной из книг этот памятник приписывается мужу наследницы Ralph'а - Margaret (+1354) - John de BRAOSE (+1342)
на основании того, что именно герб de BRAOSE изображен на памятнике, а герб Trehampton - такой же, только без шахматной ленты по контуру

(Link) здесь также утверждается, что на памятнике изображен John de BRAOSE

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