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Personal Data
Surname Cray
First Name John
Dating 1392?
Location Chinnor
Life dates +1392
Title Esquire to Richard II
Close relatives  
Type of the object  
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Andrew's Church, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England
Date of manufacturing  

точного подтверждения, что изображен именно этот персонаж, нет

указываются разные даты, наиболее часто - 1392
John Cray, Esquire, Chinnor, Oxfordshire. 1387

1380. John Cray, esq. The knight is here represented in a bascinet, with camail, jupon and plate armour; the sword is placed behind the figure, and the misericorde in front, a fashion rarely met with at this period. Chinnor, Oxon

Chinnor, Oxon., 1392, John Cray, Esq.

There are some medieval brasses which were removed from their slabs in 1866 and subsequently fixed to the walls of the chancel
the figure in armour with arms to John Cray (d. 1392), esquire to Richard II, who was perhaps related

in this aisle there is also a fine sepulchral recess, and at the west end of this aisle, now used as a vestry, are the remaining brasses, as follows, of which the first three were discovered in 1854, during repairs to the north aisle:-John Cray, esquire to Richard H. 1392

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