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Personal Data
Surname Wyke (Wyk, Wykes)
First Name
Roger (Robert)
Life dates
c. 1345 - c. 1389
Close relatives
wife - Joan Le Chasteleyn, heiress daughter of Thomas Chasteleyne (Chastelayne)
Type of the object
tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition
St Andrew's Church, Trent, Dorset (It was formerly in Somerset), England
Date of manufacturing
Памятник приписывается Roger Wyke (+1467), что совершенно не соответствует по дате изображенному костюму, предполагаемая датировка - 1410- 1420 (см. P0290, 1418). Roger Wyke (+1467) приобрел права на Trent после своей третьей женитьбы на Joan (heiress daughter of Thomas Chasteleyne (Chastelayne)). Все данные ничем не подтверждены, так как получены с плиты, установленной возле памятника намного позже самого памятника и, скорее всего, сделанной в 19 веке, когда все исторические данные сильно искажались в угоду личным интересам отдельных лиц

Roger Wyke 1467 the younger son of William Wykes of North Wyke near South Tawton Devon by Katherine heiress daughter of John Burnell of Cockatree in the same parish. Roger was given the manor of Bindon near Axmouth in South East Devon by Nicholas Backe who married his mother's sister, but died childless in 1406 and erected there the Lady Chapel in 1425. Roger accompanied the Earl of Devon to France and fought at Agincourt in 1415. He was member of Parliament for Plympton in 1413. Besides the manors of Bindon and Trent he owned lands in South Tawon, Crooke and elsewhere, probably inherited from his mother's family the Burnells relinquishing the Wyke arms of the 3 Danish battle-axes and assumed the arms of his mothers family.
He married 3 times gaining land with each marriage.
He m1 (by 1422) Joan relict of Thomas Kelloway / Kellway of Rockbourne and heiress daughter of Thomas Bingham of Sutton Bingham by Mary daughter of Sir Walter de Romsey / Ramsey by Alice Filliol. She brought him her share of Rockbourne Hants and Combe Biset Wilts in 1448.
1. John m Joan heiress daughter of John Camill of Shapwick & Charborough
2. Joan m Joan, wife of John Cayleway (?)
He m2 Joan heiress of Biset who brought him during her lifetime Radbourne Dorset manor.
He m3 Joan heiress daughter of Thomas Chasteleyne Lord of Dennington and Trent by Emma co-heiress daughter of John de Cantelupe Lord of Chilton Cantelo Somerset. Through her he held a third of the manor of Trent.

- "In right of his second wife, Joan, he had Radbournes, in Dorset, and in the right of his third wife, Joan, he held the manor of Trent, in Somerset, and there, in the church of St. Andrew, is his monumental effigy, clad in armour, with the head resting on a tilting helm, crested with a barnacle goose, in allusion to his mother’s coat-armour, which was "argent, a chevron between three barnacle geese, sable."

- "The chapel houses three effigies; the oldest probably being of Sir Roger Wyke who married a lady of Trent. Sir Roger died about 1380 and is represented as a knight in armour"

в прилагающейся подробной статье по генеалогии Roger Wyke (+1467) (Link) подвергается сомнению аттрибуция памятника этому человеку
- "Articles about the Wyke family (Trans. Devon Assoc. xxix. 175-81; xxxii. 195-6; xxxiv. 633-5, 598; xxxv. 360-425; Devonshire Wills ed. Worthy, 374-80) show considerable confusion about Roger’s marriages, suggesting that he m. (1) a London heiress called Joan Parker and (3) Joan, da. and h. of Thomas Chasteleyne, lord of Donnington (Som.) and Trent (Dorset), by Emma, da. and h. of John Cantelupe. No contemporary evidence of either of these matches has been discovered."
- "The effigy presumed to be Wyke’s in St. Andrew’s church at Trent, depicted in Trans. Devon Assoc. xxxv. 388 (and see Rogers, Memorials of the West, 376-7), in fact dates from c.1380: RCHM Dorset, plate 22."

в очень обстоятельной прилагаемой статье по генеалогии семьи Chasteleyn of Trent, co. Somerset (Link) говорится, что последняя представительница этой семьи - Joan Le Chasteleyn
Born: 15 March 1348 at Dinnington, co. Somerset.
Died: After 10 May 1400, before 1408
Married: 1st John Wyneet, 2nd Robert de Wyk, 3rd John Manyngford
In almost all the histories of the Wykes or Weeks family, Joan Chastelyn is given as a wife of Roger Wykes who died 1399 and whose effigy lies in Trent Church. [13, 14] This would appear to be a much propagated error.
Certainly by 1389 Robert de Wykes was dead and Joan had remarried John Manyngford

никаких других обоснованных свидетельств принадлежности изображенного персонажа семье de Wyke я не нашел

таким образом, наш персонаж, скорее всего, является Robert (Roger) de Wykes (+1389) и это вполне соответствует датировке изображенного костюма (Link)- в отличие от аналогичного костюма (см. P0290, 1418) наш костюм имеет более ранние особенности - пояс имеет пряжку со штырьком, свободный конец заправлен за пояс, кираса скрыта под жупоном

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