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Personal Data
Surname Plantagenet
First name Richard
Nickname of York
Dating 1425?
Location Cambridge
Life dates 22 September 1411 – 30 December 1460
Title 3rd Duke of York
Earl of Cambridge, 3rd Creation (1414)
Close relatives father - Richard, Earl of Cambridge (1385–1415), son of Edmund, 1st Duke of York (founder of the House of York), fourth surviving son of Edward III
mother - Anne Mortimer (1388–1411), great-granddaughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, Edward's second son
wife (1429) - Cecily Neville (1415–1495)
Edward IV
Richard III
Type of the object stained glass
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Trinity College, Cambridge, England
Date of manufacturing c. 1425

King Richard III, (1452-1485) Artist: Unknown

King Richard III, (1452-1485). Richard was King of England from 1483 until his death and the last king from the House of York. After the death of his brother King Edward IV, Richard briefly governed as a regent for Edward's son King Edward V. (Photo by The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

Ricardus Dux
Portrait of Richard III, when Duke of Gloucester, full-length, in an arch, turned to the left, one hand outstretched and the other at his breast, in armour with a crown upon his bare head, standing upon a tiled floor, from a stained glass window at Trinity College, Cambridge, illustration to Harding's "Shakespeare Illustrated" (1793)
Stipple and etching
Inscribed below image "From a Painting in Glass belonging to Trinity College, Cambridge Supposed to be a Portrait of Richard Duke of Gloster, afterwards King Richard the Third."

Trinity College
An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1959.
The Hall windows contain much heraldic glass, which in the following account is divided into two groups: first, that of the late 16th and early 17th centuries; second, that of later date to 1850. The first also includes two mediaeval fragments, and the second an 18th-century portrait-head of Queen Anne.
In W. oriel, lowest tier small figure in plate armour, inscribed 'Ricardus Dux', c. 1425

Trinity College. Hall. Glass in W. oriel-window. c. 1425

приписывание изображения конкретному персонажу присутствует только в перерисовке витража, неизвестного автора, неизвестного времени
в описаниях Trinity College никакой атрибуции нет
изображенный костюм совершенно не соответствует дате приписываемого персонажа
Подходящими персонажами для этого изображения могли быть
Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York (22 September 1411 – 30 December 1460), also named Richard Plantagenet, was a leading English magnate, a great-grandson of King Edward III through his father, and a great-great-great-grandson of the same king through his mother.
His conflicts with Henry's wife, Margaret of Anjou, and other members of Henry's court, as well as his competing claim on the throne, were a leading factor in the political upheaval of mid-fifteenth-century England, and a major cause of the Wars of the Roses. Richard eventually attempted to take the throne, but was dissuaded, although it was agreed that he would become king on Henry's death. But within a few weeks of securing this agreement, he died in battle. Two of his sons, Edward IV and Richard III, later ascended the throne
титул Duke of York перешел к нему в 1415 году после гибели при Agincourt его дяди Edward
этот персонаж был также Earl of Cambridge (где находится Trinity College и наш витраж), 3rd Creation (1414)
единственным спорным моментом является дата изображения - ведь в 1425 году (единственная адекватная датировка изображения в источниках, но по аналогии с другими комплексами (см. P0640, 1408; P0544, 1412; P0494, 1401 - самая подходящая датировка для нашего персонажа была бы 1415) персонажу было всего 14 лет, но всеми титулами он уже владел
On 19 May 1426 he was knighted at Leicester by John, Duke of Bedford, the younger brother of King Henry V.[13] He was present at the coronation of King Henry VI on 6 November 1429 in Westminster Abbey, and on 20 January 1430 he acted as Constable of England for a duel in the presence of the king at Smithfield.[12] He then followed Henry to France, being present at his coronation as king of France in Notre-Dame in 1431.[12] Finally, on 12 May 1432, he came into his inheritance and was granted full control of his estates.[8] On 22 April 1433, York was admitted to the knightly Order of the Garter.
таким образом, витраж мог быть выполнен между 1426 (когда персонаж стал рыцарем - косвенным признаком чего является рыцарский пояс), 1429 (женился) и 1433 (когда он стал рыцарем Подвязки, которая на витраже еще не изображена)
с другой стороны, у персонажа нет рыцарского меча
поэтому будет выбрана датировка 1425? как наиболее компромиссная

наиболее подходящим персонажем к наилучшей датировке (1415?) мог бы стать отец выбранного персонажа, другой Richard - Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge (c. July 1385 – 5 August 1415)
но он не был герцогом (Duc, dux)

указание на изображенного персонажа как на Richard III, when Duke of Gloucester, исключая Richard III, в начале 15 века других Richard, Duke of Gloucester не было

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