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Personal Data
Surname Fairfax
First name William III
Nickname Lord of Walton Fairfax
Dating 1386?
Location Walton
Life dates 1349-1386
Close relatives father - Thomas FAIRFAX of Walton, Born: 1290, Died: 1349, Walton, England
mother - Elizabeth De ELTON
wife - Ellen RADCLIFFE BEF 1349
1. Thomas FAIRFAX (Esq.)
2. Brian FAIRFAX
3. Richard FAIRFAX (alias Malbis)
Type of the object  
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Peter, Walton in Ainsty, Yorkshire
Date of manufacturing  


This ancient family, originally named from the fair locks of its sons — Feax meaning hair in Saxon — was established, before the Conquest, at Torcester, County Northumberland, and removed their seat into Yorkshire, in the vicinity of York, in the year 1205. Richard Fairfax held the lands of Askam and was succeeded by his son, William Fairfax, Lord of Askam, in the time of King John and Henry III. His grandson, William Fairfax, Bailiff of Yorkshire (1249), purchased from Peter de Brus the manor of Walton in the west riding of Yorkshire, and made that his residence

датировать изображенный комплекс можно 1360-1380 годами (пояс с накладками, без узла, наколенник с полосой без фестонов снизу)

в преемственности семьи Fairfax этому периоду соответствуют:
John FAIRFAX of Walton, Born: BEF 1261, Died: 1314, Walton, England
Thomas FAIRFAX of Walton, Born: 1290, Died: 1349, Walton, England
William FAIRFAX of Walton, Born: BEF 1349, Walton, England, Died: BEF 1386, Walton, England

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