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Personal Data
Surname Nothafft von Wernberg
First name Albrecht XIII
Dating 1420?
Location Oberkoblitz
Life dates 1325-1380
Close relatives father - Heinrichs III. Nothafft von Wernberg, Herr von Wernberg
wife - Helena von Achdorf (Guta von Eglofsheim?)
son - Heinrich V. Nothafft von Wernberg, Herr von Wernberg ca 1370-1440
Type of the object Effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Parish Church St. Emmeram, Wernberg-Koblitz, Oberkoblitz, Germany
Date of manufacturing  

St. Emmeram Church und St. Johannes Baptist. Effigy of Albrecht Notthafft (d. 1380). Looks 1430ish

Eine kunsthistorische Besonderheit in der Kirche St. Emmeram ist das am Beginn der Spatgotik in der Oberpfalz entstandene Epitaph des Ritters Albrecht Nothaft. Es tragt die Jahreszahl 1380, gilt als ein Hauptwerk aus der Schule der beruhmten Bildhauerfamilie Parler und lasst Einflusse der Prager Hofkunst erkennen.

Throwback to that time when I drove 546 mi (879 km) in one day, just to see two important but rarely/never illustrated tomb effigies … (well, I did examine and photograph them too, of course! – Shout out to my brother Sascha who came along for the ride). Here's a detail from one of them, which most arms and armor enthusiasts know but few have actually ever seen, properly that is: the funerary monument to Albrecht Nothafft von Wernberg who –according to the inscription– died in 1380. However, the sculpture itself shows clear indications that it cannot date from before c.1420, and more likely was made during the 1430s. It features an early and rather unusual form of helmet, the skull of which is acutely pointed, much like earlier bascinets, but it encloses the head fully, apparently by means of two cheek pieces (helmets constructed in this manner are known as armets). These cheek pieces are presumably attached to the skull by hinges on the side (not shown), and fastened at the front by a hinge with a removable hinge-pin; further protection for the throat and shoulders is provided by a mail cape, or aventail, attached to the helmet's lower edge (note that the mail does not appear to show an opening/separation corresponding to the cheek pieces to which it is clearly attached … an error/misinterpretation of the sculptor, or an as yet little understood and short-lived feature in the development of 15thC helmets?).
Funerary Monument (detail) for Albrecht XIII Nothafft von Wernberg (d.1380), southern Germany, ca. 1430; marble; in situ: Parish Church St.Emmeram, Wernberg-Koblitz, Oberkoblitz. Photograph (c) Dirk Breiding

Nach dem 1373 erfolgten Ableben Heinrichs III. war Wernberg an dessen Sohn Albrecht XIII. gefallen. Dieser hatte durch die Heirat mit Guta von Eglofsheim im Jahr 1354 die Burg Neu-Eglofsheim (Gemeinde Thalmassing, Landkreis Regensburg) erworben und nannte sich nach Ihr "Albrecht der Nothaft von Neueneglofsheim". Er starb 1380 und wurde in der Kirche von Oberkoblitz begraben, wo sein kunstvoll gearbeiteter Epitaph noch heute an ihn erinnert.

Notthafft (Adelsgeschlecht)
Wappen der Familie von Notthafft nach Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605

Albrecht Nothafft von Wernberg

датировка понижена с 1430 (примерная датировка в описаниях) до 1420? по аналогии с другими памятниками
P0662, 1418 - пояс, щит со шлемомо справа
P0125, 1416 - необычный шлем с горжетом и тканевой мантией
P0050, 1415 - мешковатая куртка, длина подолов, нет кирасы
P0024, 1421 - мешковатая куртка, длина подолов, заостренный купол бацинета
P0149, 1389 - мешковидная куртка, длина подолов, композиция (руки на копье и мече)

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