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Personal Data
Surname Premyslid
First name Bretislaus I (Czech: Bretislav)
Nickname Achilles of Bohemia
Location Prague
Life dates born between 1002 and 1005, died 10 January 1055 (Chrudim, Pardubice, Czech Republic)
Title Herzog von Bohmen (Duke of Bohemia) from 1035 till death
Close relatives отец - Oldrich
мать – Bozena
жена - (1030) Judith of Schweinfurt (Jitka), a daughter of a Bavarian magnate, margrave Henry of Schweinfurt of Nordgau
дети - Spytihnev II, Vratislaus, Conrad, Otto
Type of the object Grabmal
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Vitus' Cathedral, Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Date of manufacturing 1375, 1375-1380, 1376-7
Peter Parler workshop

of the house of the Premyslids
His eldest son, Spytihnev II, was to succeed him as duke of Bohemia with control over that territory. Moravia was put under the Bohemian crown, but divided between three of his younger sons. Olomouc went to Vratislaus, Znojmo went to Conrad, and Brno went to Otto. The youngest son, Jaromir, entered the church and became bishop of Prague.

1375-1380 - 'Břetislav I (+1055)' (Peter Parler workshop), St. Vitus Cathedral, Praha, Czech Republic

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