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Title Saint George
Dating 1440?
Location Sighisoara
Type of the object fresco
Provenance Church on the Hill, Sighisoara, Romania
Place of exposition Church on the Hill, Sighisoara, Romania
Date of manufacturing first half of the 15th century

Sighisoara, Romania
Church on the Hill. St George leading dragon by a lead!

Fresco on the North wall of the Mountain Church of Sighisoara, uncovered during restorations, showing signs of iconoclasm

Visit the School and the Church on the Hill. The church became the main Lutheran parish of the Saxons long ago. You'll get to see recently restored 15th-century murals which were painted over back in the 1700s.

The Church on the Hill was completely covered with paintings on the interior walls, and partially on the exterior. The fragments of the interior paintings that were able to be saved are considered some of the most valuable wall paintings in Transylvania. These paintings were created between the 14lh and the 16th centuries and are the work of several masters of gothic and renaissance painting. Unfortunately they were whitewashed over in 1777 because they were considered worthless. They were uncovered during the 1934 estoration work (by J. Misselbacher, G. Binder, G. Kroner and Fr. Muller.)
The paintings on the north wall of the church are most likely from the first half of the 15,h century, and show the fight of Saint George with the dragon. In the first picture Saint George appears in front of the castle. From within the walls the king and queen watch the beginning of the fight. A page comes out of the castle and the princess points towards him. In the second, less well preserved picture Saint George is stabbing the wild animal (a winged reptile) and the princess is kneeling on the top of a mountain. In the past picture the saint is returning in his knightly armor together with the princess, who has the tamed dragon on a lead.

Точной датировки нет, поэтому для удобства была принята датировка аналогичного изображения - A0247a- 1440?

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