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Personal Data
Title Saint Unknown
Dating 1220?
Location Minden
Type of the object sculpture
Provenance Dom, Minden, Westfalen, Deutschland
Place of exposition Museum f. Kunst u. Gewerbe, Inv.- Nr. 1899
Date of manufacturing um 1220

Ritterheiliger aus der Predella des Hochaltarretabels im Mindener Dom
Herstellung: um 1220, Deutschland (Westfalen)
Material: Eiche
Technik: farbig gefasst (Reste einer Originalfassung), vergoldet, geschnitzt
Ma?e: Gesamt: Hohe: 25,5 cm; Breite: 8,1 cm; Tiefe: 4,5 cm

William II of Holland in Armour.
Alias: Standing Warrior Saint (Gorgonius?) Minden, 3rd quarter of the 13th century. Hamburg, Museum f. Kunst u. Gewerbe, Inv.- Nr. 1899, 17a. H. 24.5 cm. Oak. Polychromized and slightly scratched.
The statuette has a helmet or a mediaeval princely hat on its head. Red cheeks, blue eyes below brown eyebrows, golden hair with black lines. On the shield is a black eagle on a yellow background. Sheath of the sword in black, his belt white. (From: DZS Kat. n° 465, Abb. 268).
As William of Holland is not crowned but has already the coat of arms of a Roman King, this statuette should have been made in the period between his election and his coronation, that is to say between October 1247 and November 1248. The characteristic curl in his hair is clearly visible. (but see also text above)

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