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Title King of Sodom (?)
Dating 1260?
Location Reims
Type of the object statue
Provenance Cathedral of Notre-Dame , Reims (Marne, Champagne), France
Place of exposition Cathedral of Notre-Dame , Reims (Marne, Champagne), France
Date of manufacturing 1275-1300
ca. 1211-1290
ca. 1260-1270
1225-1255 гг.
ca. 1265-1285
Artist Gaucher de Reims

Reims Cathedral:
interior, W. wall, detail showing R. portion of arch trellis screen with niche statues, ca. 1211-1290
[Location] • AICT Photo ID #
Reims (Marne, Champagne), France

Cathedral of Notre-Dame
Reims, Marne, France
Coucy, Robert de
Jean le Loup more
Soisson, Bernard
1211-1417, Restorations 15th century to 20th century

Реймский собор, западная стена интерьера.
Статуи в нишах.
1225-1255 гг.

ca. 1260-1270 - 'La communion du chevalier (Melchizedek, Abraham and the king of Sodom)', interior facade Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Reims, dep. Marne, France

ca. 1265-1285 - 'La communion du chevalier (Melchizedek, Abraham and the king of Sodom)', interior facade Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Reims, dep. Marne, France

The communion of a knight, detail from the west end of the nave, 1245-57

The west facade is one of the most celebrated achievements of medieval architecture. Beautiful sculptures from the 13th & 14th centuries adorn the three main portals and include such famous figures as the 'Smiling Angel of Reims' and the strikingly classical-inspired Visitation.
Sadly the cathedral was heavily mauled by German artillery in World War I, starting fires which destroyed the outer roof and tragically ignited wooden scaffolding around the northern half of the facade, damaging the priceless sculptures (which would have otherwise been safe from fire damage). Restoration took many years, some continues to this day.

Scene de la «communion du chevalier» au revers de la facade occidentale (1250-1260) de la cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims.

'King of Sodom', statue, County of Champagne, 1275-1300
(in situ inside west front of Cathedral, Reims, France)
This figure is believed to represent the King of Sodom alongside Abraham and Melchizadek, the priest-king of Salem following the defeat of Chedorlaomer (XIV Gen. 12-24). The king is dressed in one of the finest and most elaborate versions of fanciful armour in 13th-century French sculpture. Various features may reflect reports by soldiers returning from Spain or the eastern Mediterranean, or the influence of booty and souvenirs brought back by such men. The fluted helmet and the decoration of the round shield, as well as the waist sash, could be examples of this influence.

"Melchizedek Offering Bread and Wine to Abraham and his Soldiers"
Melchizedek's offering of bread and wine was understood as a prefiguration of the Eucharist. Melchizedek is also referred to as the precursor to the priesthood, and is often associated with the sacraments.
Reverse Facade, interior of Reims Cathedral, detail from the first tier of the the right side of the central portal, 1265-1285 CE.

Внутренняя сторона западного фасада богато украшена: её поверхность покрыта нишами, в которых размещены 52 скульптуры. Считается, что это работа Гоше Реймсского (Gaucher de Reims), выполненная около 1260 года.

Le revers de la facade, oeuvre de Gaucher de Reims daterait approximativement de 1260.
Il constitue un veritable arc de triomphe a l'intention du roi sortant de la cathedrale a l'issue de la ceremonie de son sacre. Le mur est creuse de niches dans lesquelles ont ete creusees des statues.

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