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Title Saints Gereon of Cologne
Dating 1345?
Location Koeln
Type of the object stained glass
Provenance Koeln
Place of exposition Museum Schnutgen, Cologne, Germany
Date of manufacturing ca. 1345-1355
ca. 1345-1355 - 'Saints Barbara, Thomas & Gereon of Cologne', Cologne, Museum Schnutgen, Cologne, Germany
St. Gereon wears a cape and a tight-fitting surcoat with scalloped edges, worn very short in front and longer behind (erroneously called a cyclas); a popular fashion in Flanders, Northern France, England and Western Germany during the 1340s and early 1350s.
The three quarter sleeves of the hauberk belong to the 1330s/1340s.
Note the riveted coat of plates ending in a decorated edge, worn over the hauberk and a gambeson, which is split in the middle.
Gereon also wears an upstanding standard (mail collar), mail chausses, poleyns, proto-hourglass gauntlets, and carries a lance with a pennon.
The lack of plate for the limbs isn't uncommon for German armour of the period.
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