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Personal Data
Title Guardian
Dating 1375?
Location Barcelona?
Type of the object altar painting
Provenance Catalunya
Place of exposition Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
Date of manufacturing ca. 1395
Artist workshop of Jaime and Pedro Serra

ca. 1395 - 'Resurrection, panel of an altarpiece' (workshop of Jaime and Pedro Serra), Catalunya, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
Both sleeping soldiers at the Holy Sepulchre wear a corrazina (a late 14th century coat-of-plates), full plate armour for the legs, mail sleeves, gauntlets, a bascinet with hounskull visor and an aventail covered in fabric. They're also armed with a pollaxe. Note the laminated cuffs of the gauntlets of the soldier on the right.
Due to poor lighting details aren't clearly visible.

Nativite, Epiphanie, Resurrection
Titre: Nativite, Epiphanie, Resurrection
Denomination: Volet de retable
Creation: Atelier des Serra (Jaime et Pere) , Catalogne, 1395 (vers)
Matieres et techniques: tempera sur bois de peuplier
Mesures: H. cm : 173 - L. cm : 66

хотя официальная датировка указана 1395?, изображенный костюм можно датировать 1370-75 (см. A0037, 1370? тех же авторов) и по незначительным отличиям (не виден подол кольчуги, кольчужная привесь наколенника, тканевое покрытие бармицы) можно принять верхнюю границу датировки - 1375

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