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Title Knight
Dating 1415?
Location Unknown (France)
Type of the object manuscript illumination
Place of exposition Cotton Nero E II part 1. Folio No: 1. (Les grandes chroniques de France), British Library, London, Great Britain
Date of manufacturing c.1415

Two knights fighting, c1415. Their armour includes scale, mail and plate, which in the case of the man on the right, has proved inadequate.
Shelfmark ID: Cotton Nero E II part 1. Folio No: 1.
Location :British Library, London, Great Britain
Photo Credit : HIP / Art Resource, NY
Image Reference : ART317442
Keywords :
15th century CE . British Library/London/Great Britain . Chain Mail . Fighting Scene . Gothic (1150-1500) . Illuminated Manuscript . Knight

It hasn't been digitised
Cotton MS Nero E II Les grandes chroniques de France, to AD 1388 (imperfect) (1st quarter of the 15th century)
British Library: Western Manuscripts Cotton MS Nero E II
1st quarter of the 15th century
French; Latin
Letter of introduction required to view this manuscript
Condition: outer edges of leaves damaged by fire in 1731
Materials: parchment
Dimensions: approximately 505 x 345 mm
Foliation: fos. i + 487; i (f. i: early modern endleaf) + 487 (part I, ff. 1-245; part II, ff. 1-242)
Binding: British Museum 1847, bound in two volumes
Scope and Content
Language(s): French; Latin (part II, 234v–237r)
Previously owned by: Sir Robert Cotton (d. 1631)
Meiss, Millard, French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry: The Boucicaut Master (London, 1968), pp. 92–95

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