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Personal Data
Title Guardian
Dating 1337?
Location Gent
Type of the object statue
Provenance Gent, province of East Flanders, Belgium
Place of exposition Stonework Museum, Gent, Belgium
Date of manufacturing  
1337-1339 - 'guardian of the belfry (3 others aren't authentic)', belfry, Gent, province of East Flanders, Belgium
The guardian of the belfry wears a bascinet with a camail, attached by vervelles (an early example of this way of fastening); a gambeson; a hauberk with small sleeves; a coat-of-plates with shoulder extensions (over the mail sleeves); maybe long mail sleeves for the arms; plates of cuir-bouilli on the upper arms; roundels at the elbows; probably cuir-bouilli for the lower arms and some sort of splinted or studded gauntlets for the hands.
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