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Personal Data
Title Knight
Dating 1327?
Location London
Type of the object manuscript illumination
Place of manufacturing London, England
Place of exposition Manuscript BL Additional 47682 (Holkham Bible), British Library, England
Date of manufacturing c 1327-1335

Manuscript BL Additional 47682 Holkham Bible
Dating 1327-1335
From London, England
Holding Institution - Posner Memorial Collection

Add MS 47682
c 1327-1335, A biblical picture book with explanatory text of varying length, sometimes in rhyming couplets, in Anglo-Norman French, with some English. The material covers Genesis from Creation to Noah (ff. 1-9), the Life of Christ from the Annunciation (preceded by genealogies of Mary and Jesus) to the Ascension (ff. 10-38) and the fifteen signs of the Day of Judgement with some introductory material (ff. 39-42), (Dean, Anglo-Norman Literature, 1999, no. 472). Decoration: 231 miniatures or tinted drawings, mostly two per page. The explanatory text is generally written above the relevant image, rarely below or incorporated in the miniature. Some miniatures have a background of red diaperwork with fleur-de-lis, flowers and vine and oak leaves (ff. 2r-9r). Initials in red or blue with penwork decoration (ff. 2r-9r) and capitals highlighted in red.

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