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Personal Data
Title Knight
Dating 1380?
Location Hamburg
Type of the object altar painting
Place of manufacturing Hamburg, Germany
Place of exposition Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
Date of manufacturing ca. 1380
Artist Meister Bertram von Minden

ca. 1380 - 'triptych with scenes from the Apocalypse' (Meister Bertram von Minden), Hamburg, V&A, London, England
In this triptych we can observe some knights wearing armour with typical German features of the late 14th century.
Note that most knights don't wear complete plate armour for the limbs. Some only wear gauntlets, cuisses (of a studded fabric) and poleyns. Some knights wear couters made in the same style as the poleyns (with typical German vertical fluting), one knight has got arm defences made of a studded fabric. Coats-of-plates and studded pourpoints are worn on the body. We can see some great helmets (by this date they were hardly worn in battle) and bascinets with flat visors. One knight's bascinet has got a strange visor in the shape of a human face.
Compare the knights' attire with the almost contemporary effigy of Johann von Katzenelnbogen in Kloster eberbach: www.flickr.com/photos/roelipilami/6027666704/in/set-72157...

Triptych showing scenes of the apocalypse. It was made by master Bertram in Hamburg about 1380. Victoria and Albert Museum.

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