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Title Knight
Dating 1325?
Location Volterra
Type of the object relef
Place of manufacturing Arca di San Vittore, Fassade, Santa Maria Assunta, Volterra, Italy
Place of exposition The Museum of Sacred Art (Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra), Volterra, Italy
Date of manufacturing um 1331
um 1325
Artist Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura

The Museum of Sacred Art
Turning to 14th century marble items, the most important include the seven rectangular tiles with bas relief depicting scenes from the lives of Saint Ottaviano and Saint Victor. Four medallions depicting saints Just, Clement, Ottaviano, and Victor are attributed to Tino da Camaino.

The seven 14th century rectangular reliefs depicting episodes of the lives of saints Ottaviano and Vittore are particularly noteworthy. Four of the panels relate the story of the procession and martyrdom of Saint Vittore while the other three relate the story of Saint Ottaviano. Venturi has attributed the seven panels to Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura.

Schrein des Hl.Victor, um 1325

Funf Relieftafeln von der Arca di San Vittore: Vita des heiligen Viktor
Agostino di Giovanni, Bildhauer
um 1331
Herkunftsort: Volterra, Santa Maria Assunta, Fassade, innen, 1767-?
Sammlung:Volterra, Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra

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