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Title Planet Mars
Dating 1350?
Location Venice
Type of the object relief
Place of exposition Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy
Date of manufacturing 1342-45
around 1350

Palazzo Ducale in Venice
Doge's Palace in Venice
Ducal Palace

this early capital was replaced by a copy in the 19th century and is now displayed in the Museo dell'Opera;
Mars represented as a knight in chain mail seated on a ram

Palazzo Ducale in Venice: capital # 18 in the porch (counting as # 0 the one at the corner near the Bridge of Sighs): Planets, and constellations of the Zodiac - Planet Mars between Aries and Scorpio

Capitals starting from the Ponte della Paglia and numbered from east to west along the Molo S. Marco, all of them from around 1350

Chapiteau du Palais des Doges a Venise 14e siecle

men-at-arms, capitellos of the Palazzo Ducale portico, 1342-45, Venice

Mars; details of the capitellos in the Palazzo Ducale, 1342-1355, Venice (modern copies)

Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
Palazzo Ducale
Capital Creazione di Adamo, pianeti e loro domicili (part.), with Mars as a warrior seated on Aries. At his back the Scorpion
Room I
This room houses six capitals together with their columns from the 14th century arcade of the Palace, on the lagoon-front. They thus form part of the earliest project of decorative sculpture for the building, started in 1340
Room III has 3 capitals with columns; 2 are from the 14th century and the third from the 15th century. Particularly noteworthy is the large and famous corner capital with the Creation of Adam, the Planets and the Zodiac.

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