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Personal Data
Title Saint Archangel Michael
Dating 1382
Location Venice
Type of the object mosaic
Place of manufacturing  
Place of exposition Church of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo (Zanipolo), Venice, Italy
Date of manufacturing  
Artist Unidentified sculptor

Tomb of Doge Michele Morosini
d. 1382, Church of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo (Zanipolo), Venice

The monument of Doge Michele Morosini. The mosiac depicts the Doge and his wife cristina Bondumier kneeling and praying before Christ on the Cross.
Michele Morosini was born in 1308 into one of the wealthiest families in Venice.
He was elected Doge in June 1382 but died of plague in Ocotber the same year.

Venedig, San Zanipolo (Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo), Detail des Grabmals des Dogen Michele Morosini, Mosaik der Kreuzigung (detail of the funerary monument of Doge Michele Morosini, crucifixion mosaic)
Michele Morosini (ca. 1308 - 1382) wurde 1382 zum Dogen gewahlt und starb im selben Jahr an der Pest, als in Venedig die Pest ausbrach und in kurzer Zeit etwa 19.000 Menschen dahinraffte..

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Castello
Unidentified sculptor
Tomb of Doge Michele Morosini, 1382 (?)
Mosaic and marble
Above the sarcophagus is a pointed lunette, decorated with a mosaic of the Crucifixion with the Virgin and Archangel Michael Presenting Doge Morosini to Christ.

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