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Title Knight
Dating 1400?
Location Arras
Type of the object tapestry
Place of manufacturing Arras Workshop
Place of exposition Civic Museum of Hermits, Padua, Italy
Date of manufacturing c. 1380-1385
c. 1400
Artist French-Flemish manufactory
Arras Workshop

Фрагмент гобелена «Деяния Журдена де Блаи». Городской музей, Падуа.

Wall decoration in Musei Civici agli Eremitani (Civic Museum of Hermits) in Padua city.
Since 1985 the museums are housed in cloisters of convent of the Friars Hermits

jourdain de blaye - arazzo

Jourdain de Blaye, Padua, 1400

Scenes from the Story of Jourdain de Blaye: Fromont's meeting with Gerart. French-Flemish manufactory, c. 1380-1385
Location: Musei Civici agli Eremitani - Padua

there exists a tapestry, La Geste de Jourdain de Blaye, woven in Arras in the fifteenth century and now housed in the Museum of Padua, that tells the story of Jourdain de Blaye through a series of weavings of selected scenes of the chanson de geste.

Arras manufactory. The Meeting of Fromont and Gerard, 1375-1400, from Scenes from the Life of Jourdain de Blaye. Padua, Musei Civici.

Romance of Jourdain de Blaye, Tapestry from an Arras Workshop

Jourdain de Blaye / Tapisserie francaise
Tapisserie, Arras, debut du 15eme siecle.
L'histoire de Jourdain de Blaye: la rencontre entre Fromon et Girart de Blaye.
Padua, Musei Civici.

Artist: French Tapestry Factory
Title: Scenes from the Story of Jourdain de Braye: Fromon's meeting with Gerard
Location: Museo Civico
City: Padua

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