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Title planet Mars
Dating 1340?
Location Florence
Type of the object relief
Place of manufacturing campanile (bell-tower) of the Cathedral of Florence
Place of exposition Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence, Italy
Date of manufacturing 1337-41
Artist Collaborator of Andrea Pisano (Master of Saturn)

Title: Panel of the campanile: Mars
Location: Museo dell'Opera del Duomo
City: Florence
Country: Italy

In 1334, Giotto was appointed the capomaestro for the construction of the Campanile or bell tower adjacent to the Duomo. On his death in 1337, Giotto was succeeded in the position by the sculptor Andrea Pisano who was in the last stages of the completion of the first set of Baptistry Doors. At the base of the Campanile there is a remarkable set of 54 reliefs --26 hexagonal and 28 rhomboid. There is still debate amongst scholars as to whether Giotto was responsible for the design of the program of reliefs. Vasari attributes to Giotto two panels: "in one of which Apelles, standing for painting, is working with his brush, while in the other Phidias, representing sculpture, is laboring with his chisel." The consensus today is that these two panels on the north side of the Campanile, while possibly following an original design of Giotto, are the work of Andrea Pisano.
Mars: Collaborator of Andrea Pisano (Master of Saturn), 1337-41.

Figure representing the planet Mars in a series of panels on Giotto's campanile (bell-tower) of the Cathedral of Florence, executed 1342-47, now in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo.

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