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Title King
Dating 1390?
Location Khust
Type of the object fresco
Place of manufacturing  
Place of exposition Khust (венг. Huszt) (Khustskyi County, Ukraine)
Date of manufacturing  

The Reformed Church in KHUST (Khustskyi County, Ukraine)
Place: The eastern side of the north wall of the nave, on the lower register.
Iconographic Context: The scene of the three holy kings of Hungary is not the only uncovered scene, but the recent wooden tribune built in front of the frescoes, the indirect knowledge of the medieval paintings, as well as the fact that they are published in inaccessible studies, makes it impossible for the time being to reconstruct the iconographic context.
Description: The three holy kings of Hungary are depicted frontally in rigid attitudes: they have one hand on the chest plate and the other holds a red-and-white-striped shield with a cross. They wear crowns and armour with metal shoulder, elbow, and knee protectors. The center of the composition, clearly delimited by a decorative strip from the other scenes, is occupied by St. Stephen. The precise positions of St. Emeric and St. Ladislas are unknown for the time being.
Dating (Hypothetically): Judging by the details of the costumes, the scene could date to either the last decade of the fourteenth century or the first two decades of the fifteenth century.
Bibliography: photo reproduction in Horvath, Kozepkori falkepek Szent Laszlo kiralyrol, 163.

Khust, Ukraine



Khust (Ukrainian: Хуст, German: Chust, Hungarian: Huszt) is a city located on the Khustets River in Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in western Ukraine

Датировка установлена предположительно 1390? по аналогии с P0649, 1392

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