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Personal Data
Title Knight (Louis I the Great of Hungary)
Dating 1425?
Location St. Lambrecht
Type of the object altar painting
Place of manufacturing St. Lambrecht Abbey, Austria
Place of exposition Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Date of manufacturing before 1430
Artist Master Saint Lambrecht

Erich Lessing Collection
Master Saint Lambrecht (Hans von Tuebingen) (15th)
Victory of Ludwig I the Great of Hungary over the Bulgarians.
Right panel of the altar of Saint Lambrecht.
Oil on wood (before 1430)
Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

St. Lambrechter Votivtafel, um 1430, Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz, Alte Galerie.

Master of the Saint Lambrecht Votive Altarpiece
Votive panel from St. Lambrecht Abbey, The Virgin of Mercy (c. 1430). In the collection of the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
The Master of the Saint Lambrecht Votive Altarpiece was an Austrian painter active between about 1410 and 1440. His name is derived from a panel, formerly in St. Lambrecht's Abbey in the village of Sankt Lambrecht in Styria. This, now in the Alte Galerie in Graz, depicts a former abbot of the monastery, Heinrich Moyker, kneeling before the Virgin of Mercy; with him is Hemma of Gurk. Moyker was the donor of the altarpiece, which depicts the Hungarian victory over the Ottoman Turks. A number of other paintings are believed to be by his hand, as is the design of a stained glass window in Sankt Lambrecht; some of these have also been ascribed to the so-called Master of the Linz Crucifixion, while others are believed to be by Hans von Judenburg or Hans von Tubingen. The latter appears to have lived too late to be identified with the Master's oeuvre. Stylistically, the Master's ascribed body of work indicates a familiarity with International Gothic as practiced in Bohemia. Other stylistic traits suggest knowledge of the work being done in Cologne and Westphalia, while still others show aspects of the Viennese, French, and Burgundian schools.

Votive panel from St. Lambrecht Abbey
Held by Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Date: 1425-1435
By 'The Master of the Saint Lambrecht Votive Altarpiece', possibly Hans von Judenburg (Austria, active between 1411 and 1424) or Hans von Tubingen, (1380 Austria – February 1462).
Sources: wikimedia, Hungarian National Archive & Armour in Art

Reiterschlacht Ludwigs von Ungarn
Kunstwerk: Temperamalerei-Holz ; Tafelbild ; Votivbild ; Meister der St. Lambrechter Votivtafel ; Steiermark
Dokumentation: 1425 ; 1435 ; Graz ; Osterreich ; Steiermark ; Landesmuseum Joanneum
Anmerkungen: 79x167 ; St. Lambrecht Stift ; Votivtafel mit der Reiterschlacht Ludwigs von Ungarn ; Biedermann 1976: S. 44 , Kat. St. Lambrecht 1978: S. 123f.

Louis I, also Louis the Great (Hungarian: Nagy Lajos; Croatian: Ludovik Veliki; Slovak: Ludovit Velky) or Louis the Hungarian (Polish: Ludwik Wegierski; 5 March 1326 – 10 September 1382), was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370.

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