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Title Knight
Dating 1350?
Location Sabbionara
Type of the object fresco
Place of manufacturing Sabbionara, Castle at Avio, Guard House, Trentino, North-Eastern Italy
Place of exposition Sabbionara, Castle at Avio, Guard House, Trentino, North-Eastern Italy
Date of manufacturing  

Knights in battle, detail from the celebration of the military glories of the Castelbarcos, fresco, home guards, Castle of Avio, Sabbionara d'Avio, Trentino-Alto Adige. Italy, 14th century.

Italian Soldiers in 14th Century Frescoes at
Castello di Sabbionara d'Avio, Sala delle guardie
Sabbionara Castle at Avio, Guard House
Trentino, North-Eastern Italy
Painted around 1340, these illustrate the almost perpetual state of conflict between the Ghibeline, or pro-Holy Roman Empire, family of Castelbarco who held Sabbionara and the Guelph, or pro-Papacy, forces of the neighbouring Bishop of Trento. They provide some of the best pictures of 14th century north Italian infantry. (D.Nicolle, G.A.Embleton - Italian Medieval Armies 1300-1500)

The Castle of Avio (also known as the Castle of Sabbionara, Italian: Castello di Avio, old German: Schlo? Aue) is a medieval castle in the comune Avio, Trentino, northern Italy.
The second cycle was executed two or three decades later, c.1350, and features less elaborate paintings of battles.

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