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Title Guardian
Dating 1365? (between 1361 and 1371)
Location Pistoia
Type of the object altar sculpture
Place of manufacturing altar of St James, Chapel of the Crucifix, Cathedral of St Zeno, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy
Place of exposition Bargello Palace in Florence
Date of manufacturing 1361-71, 1376?
Artist Francesco di Niccolo e Leonardo di Ser Giovanni of Florence (active 1358-1371)


Beheading of St James
Capture of St James
St James baptising his converted accuser
Stories of St James, panel on the lateral side of the altar of St James, by Leonardo di Ser Giovanni (active 1358-1371), silver foil with embossed decoration, Chapel of the Crucifix, Cathedral of St Zeno, Pistoia, Tuscany. Italy, 14th century.

14th Century Knights Armor | Pistoia Cathedral altar 1376, Bargello Palace in Florence

Altar of St James, silver foil with embossed decoration, Chapel of the Crucifix, Cathedral of St Zeno, Pistoia, Tuscany. Italy, 13th-15th century.

the altarpiece dedicated to Saint James, a masterful piece of silversmithing started in 1287 that took almost 2 centuries to be completed. Even Brunelleschi took part in the elaborate work, that comprises 628 figures playing out biblical scenes and episodes from the saint's life. Today the 2 ton feast of silver can be found in the first chapel on the right hand side.

This chapel contains the altar of Saint James, in embossed silver sheet, which was moved here in 1953. It was begun in 1287, when Andrea di Jacopo d'Ognabene was commissioned to make representations of the Madonna and Child for the rear of the altar, and, for the front section, of Stories of the New Testament, Christ in Majesty between Mary and St. James and Three Stories of St. James, which he finished in 1316. In addition, Pace di Valentino, a Sienese goldsmith, created some of the figures surrounding St. James.[1] Giglio Pisano executed the large silver statue depicting St. James Enthroned (1349-1353), commissioned as thanksgiving after the end of the Black Death in 1348.
The two side antependia were executed by Leonardo di Ser Giovanni and Francesco Niccolai, with Stories of the Old Testament and Stories of St. James, between 1361 and 1371. Other works include the Apostles, St. Eulalia, Bishop Atto, St. John the Baptist and Salome by Piero d'Arrigo Tedesco (1380-1390), another Christ in Majesty with St. Anthony Abbot, St. Stephen and the cusp by Nofri di Buto and Atto di Piero Braccini (1394-1398).
Filippo Brunelleschi decorated the front part with two busts of prophets (1401). The other sides were decorated by Piero d'Antonio da Pisa and Domenico da Imola.

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