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Personal Data
Title Saint Wenceslaus
Dating 1350?
Location Nurnberg
Type of the object Statue
Place of manufacturing  
Place of exposition Nurnberg, Kirche (katholisch), Frauenkirche / Unserer Lieben Frau, Chor, Sudwand
Date of manufacturing  

Heilige Wenzel
Statue, Bauskulptur, Pfeilerfigur
Standort: Nurnberg, Kirche (katholisch), Frauenkirche/Unserer Lieben Frau, Chor, Sudwand

ca. 1360 - 'St. Wenceslaus', Nurnberg, Frauenkirche, Nurnberg, Bayern, Germany
St. Wenceslaus wears the early globular coat-of-plates of the late 1350s, early 1360s. The flowing skirt of the 1350s has been replaced by a tight-fitting one, which will soon be shortened even more to become the typical 'jupon' of the later 14th century, covering the coat-of-plates or breastplate worn underneath.


датировка установлена 1350?, так как ближайшие комплексы - это:
P0009, 1350 - практически идентичный и
P0430, 1355? - уже более развитый, с короткими подолами
P0012, 1358 - подолы стали короче, корон на груди стало 2

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