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Personal Data
Title Saint George
Dating 1345?
Location Exeter
Type of the object statue
Place of manufacturing  
Place of exposition Church of St Peter, Cathedral, Exeter, Devon, Great Britain
Date of manufacturing c.1342 to 1348


Exeter Cathedral Church of St Peter
Location: Exeter, Devon
A Minster church stood at Exeter until 1003 when Vikings destroyed it. Exeter became a Cathedral in 1050 when St Germans and Crediton were amalgamated under Exeter. The Cathedral visible today is from 1250 to 1369. The twin towers at the East end are Norman. Exter was damaged by bombing in World War II.
Completion of Exeter Cathedral was achieved by John de Grandisson who was Bishop of Exeter from 1327-1369. John de Grandisson built the vaulting in the Nave with his coat of arms in the second from last bay and an image of John de Grandisson in the last bay. John de Grandisson was buried in 1369 within a small chapel he had built within the west wall but was despoiled in the 16th Century. A large 14th Century boss shows the murder of Thomas a Becket being murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.

Exeter Cathedral
West front - image screen is most complete example in England of a programme of C14 sculpture (originally painted) - detail

The screen was an afterthought, added to the west front after the main construction work of the present cathedral was completed in the early 1340s. The screen's architect was almost certainly William Joy who had succeeded Thomas of Witney as the cathedral's master mason.
The mason responsible for the sculpture dating from c1342 to 1348 is anonymous. The statues were almost certainly the output of one master mason whose Westcountry workshop specialised in figure work.

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