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Title Saint George
Dating 1380?
Location Prague
Type of the object Statue
Place of manufacturing Niederosterreich, Praha
Place of exposition Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nurnberg, Bayern, Germany
Date of manufacturing ca. 1380


ca. 1380 - 'St. George', Praha, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nurnberg, Bayern, Germany
I'm enclined to date St. George later than 1365, the year the museum mentions. My personal guess is that he was made around 1380: his globular torso, prove of a full breastplate being worn, is reminiscent of the period. The full plate defences for the limbs were also popular from the late 1370s onwards in German lands, that is slightly later than in e.g. France or England.
Nevertheless this beautifully carved and polychromed St. George shows us an early German/Bohemian suit of partly gilded plate-armour. The details are remarkable. A breastplate, and maybe an early fauld are covered by a white surcoat with a red cross (St. George's coat-of-arms). Also note the opening in the breast that contained a relic, probably of the saint itself.

obj 00180061:
Niederosterreich, Der heilige Georg im Kampf mit dem Drachen, um 1380, Statue & Reliquiar,Pl.O. 32
Verwalter: Nurnberg, offentliche Sammlung, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Inventar-Nr. Pl.O. 201

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