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Personal Data
Surname Butler (Butlers of Ormond)
First Name Piers (Pierce) Fitz (FirzJames)
Nickname Oge
Dating 1365?
Location Kilcooly
Life dates +16 May 1526
Close relatives father - James 'Oge' Butler (d. after 1438)
Theobald Butler
James 'Oge' Butler b. c 1473
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition Kilcooly Abbey, Kilcooley, County Tipperary, Ireland
Date of manufacturing  
sculpted by Rory O'Tunny (fl. c. 1541 – 1542) was an Irish sculptor

Kilcooley Abbey, Kilcooley, County Tipperary - Effigy of Pierce Fitz Oge Butler

This glorious well preserved tomb is marvellously carved. Piers Butler tomb records his death as taking place in 1526 and has some beautiful carvings of 10 apostles on the side of it carved by Rory O Tunney who is also noted for his work in Jerpoint Abbey. On top of Butler tomb there is the effigy of a knight with a dog curled up at his feet. The knight though hasn't fared well through the years and most of his face has been chipped off.

a "tomb chest," of the knight Piers Fitz Oge Butler. It has a superb set of carvings around its sides. On top is a carved figure of Butler with a no-doubt, beloved dog poignantly lying at the feet of his departed master.
There is a Latin inscription that translates to: 'Here lies, together with his parents, Pierce Fitz Oge Butler, who died on the feast of St Benedict, Abbot, A.D. 1526."


датировка установлена 1365? чтобы отделить от близкого, но более развитого комплекса P0596, 1370? и приблизить к менее развитому, но очень похожему P0592, 1350? (ширина полос бригандины, глубина кольчужного оплечья)

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