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Personal Data
Surname McLean of Coll
First Name Lachlan
Dating 1350?
Life dates  
Close relatives  
Type of the object effigy, Lastra Tombale
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Reilig Odrain, Iona, Scotland
Place of exposition Iona Abbey Museum, Iona, Scotland
Date of manufacturing  

предполагаемая датировка - 1340-1350-е, судя по аналогичным памятникам в Ирландии, Шотландии, Испании и Швейцарии
(P0034, 1342), (P0325, 1347) - ангелы у изголовья
(P0301, 1350), (P0304 , 1345?) - клиновидная нагрудная часть бармицы, длина подолов
(P0226, 1345) - форма шлема (заострение купола, низкая тулья, изгиб вниз выреза на лбу)
(P0242, 1346), (P0464, 1331) - положение руки, вытаскивающей меч
(P0224, 1325), (P0464, 1331) - положение руки, стеганая куртка с характерным простеганым локтем

One of these effigies is known to be of Gilbride MacKinnon, and commemorates five generations of his family.
Gilbride is shown in full armour and carrying a spear and a sword, and the memorial was probably commissioned by his great-grandson, Finguin, who served as Abbot of Iona at the end of the 1300s.
Возможно, были использованы старые памятники и набиты новые надписи, как и с многими памятниками этого периода в Ирландии и Шотландии

Unknown. Formerly in Reilig Odrain.

On display are some of the best late-medieval West Highland graveslabs. Among the warrior effigies is that commemorating Gilbride MacKinnon (died c.1280), who is depicted in armour. John MacDonald became the first 'official' MacDonald Lord of the Isles in 1354. Subsequent lords of the Isles lavished gifts on Iona, and four of them were buried at St Oran's Chapel. Set apart from the abbey itself is a simple rectangular chapel, probably built by Somerled as a private burial chapel for his family
In front of the chapel is Reilig Odhrain, or St Oran's Graveyard, where the medieval MacDonald lords of the Isles were buried. The Lord's most powerful clan chiefs, from among the MacLean, MacLeod, and MacKinnon clans, were also buried here. Many of these chieftain's gravestones are now in the abbey museum

.line drawing of tomb effigy on the Isle of Iona of a 16th century McLean of Coll chief

Grave-slab of Lachlan
We don't know who Lachlan was – the inscription on the pillow and down the left-hand edge of the stone is incomplete. However, remarkably, we have the name of the mason who carved this stone – Mael-Sechlainn O Cuinn. Angels sit on Lachlan's shoulders and the background of the slab is decorated with vinescroll, interlace and a griffin (there's another fine example on Abbot MacKinnon's Cross).

возможный персонаж - Lachlan Lubanach Maclean, 5th Chief (flourished 1370s), Died - before 1405


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