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Personal Data
Surname Braose (Brewose, Brewes, Brues, BREOUSE)
First name Thomas
Dating 1395
Location Horsham
Life dates ABT 1351 (1352) (Manningford Bruce, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England)
2 September 1395 (Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Title 3rd Baron Braose, Sir, Knighted in 1383
of Manningford, Tetbury, Weaverthorpe, Chesworth, Sedgwick Bidlington Bookham and Bramley
Close relatives father - Sir Thomas de Brewose, 1st Lord Brewose, (Cir 1300-1361) b: 8 SEP 1301 in Manningford Bruce, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England
mother - Beatrice de Mortimer (b: ABT 1318 in Wigmore, Ludlow, Herefordshire, England - d. 16 October 1383)
brothers and sisters:
John de Braose, d. 1336/7
Peter de Braose, d. before 1395
Elizabeth de Braose, d. before 1395
Joan de Braose, d. before 1395
Beatrice de Braose
wife - (before 1393) Margaret Cheney (b: ABT 1370), daughter of Ralph Cheney
Children of Sir Thomas de Brewose and Margaret
1.Joan de Brewose3 b. c Apr 1393, d. 10 Oct 1395
2.Thomas de Brewose3 b. 26 Aug 1395, d. 7 Oct 1395
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
was buried at Horsham, Sussex West, England
Place of exposition St Mary's Church, Horsham, Sussex, UK
Date of manufacturing  

Records from the period spell the name Brewose

He lived in 1367 at Weaverthorpe, Yorkshire, England. He lived in 1367 at Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England

coat of arms - seme of cross croslets, a lion rampant crowned

Basinet, ornamented with jewels, his throat by the ample carmail, attached to the helmet as in the time of Edward III. His arms are in plate armour, and his body in a shortened hauberk, kept from pressing on his chest, by means of the plastron, or breast-plate, within. Over this is the juppon, bearing his coat of arms, viz. seme of cross croslets, a lion rampant crowned. Suspended from his military girdle at his right hip, is his dagger, the sheaf of which, is ornamented in an architectural style, and in the same manner at the left, hung his long sword, of which no traces now remain. On his insteps, are large pieces attached to the spur leathers, and terminated by indented edges which conceal the chain mail beneath. His jousting helmet, surmounted by his crest, a demi-lion rampant, issuing from a coronet, is under his head, but greatly mutilated, all below the oscularium, having been destroyed*”

Personal Data
Surname Kendale
First name Edward
Dating 1373
Location Hitchin
Life dates bef. 1310 - 1373
Close relatives father - Robert Kendale
mother - Margaret (Bond) de Kendale
wife (1) - (about 1330) Isabel Cobham
wife (2) - (before 1337) Elizabeth
children - Beatrice, Edward and Thomas
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition St Mary, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK
Date of manufacturing  

There is one curious historical note that refers to the Lord of the manor of Hitchin from 1348, Edward de Kendale and his wife, Elizabeth. The effigy of Bernard de Balliol in St Mary’s, Hitchin has already been featured, but there are also two other effigies there - of Edward (below left) and Elizabeth.
I have found one comment that both effigies were ‘said to be brought from Temple Dinsley’. If true, this is an indication of the continuing prominent part Dinsley played in the history of the region.

Edward de Kendale 1374
St Mary, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Edward (Kendale) de Kendale (bef. 1310 - 1373)
Born before 1310 in England
Son of Robert (Kendale) de Kendale and Margaret (Bond) de Kendale
Brother of Robert de Kendale and Isabella (Kendale) de Kendale
Husband of Isabel (Cobham) de Kendale — married about 1330 (to about 1335)
Husband of Elizabeth (Unknown) de Kendale — married before 1337 in Englandmap
Father of Beatrice (Kendale) Turk, Edward (Kendale) de Kendale and Thomas (Kendale) de Kendale
Died 1373 at about age 63 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Изображенный доспех можно датировать около 1390, поэтому, скорее всего, памятник принадлежит другому персонажу.
К тому же, есть указание, что памятник перенесен из другого места - ‘said to be brought from Temple Dinsley’

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