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Personal Data
Surname Solney (Sulney)
First name Alured (Ailred, Alfred)
Dating 1375
Location Newton Solney
Life dates Birth: 1300 - Newton Solney, , Derbyshire, England
Death: 1375 (Age 75)
Title Sir
Close relatives Father: William SOLNEY (1275 - ...)
Mother: /De Hodinet/ (Abt 1279 - )
Marriage (1324 (Age 24), Newton Solney) Margaret (unknown) (Born: Abt 1305 - Solney, Derbyshire, England)
Agnes /Sulney/ Born: Abt 1325 (1327?) - Newton Solney. Spouse: Edmund /Appleby/ (Abt 1322-1400), Marr: 1350 - Over Appleby, Leicestershire, England
Alice /Sulney/ Born: Abt 1329
John /Sulney/ Born: Abt 1331
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
perhaps from Burton on Trent
Place of exposition south aisle, St Mary's church, Newton Solney, South Derbyshire
Date of manufacturing  

His hood-like camail is tied down to the shoulders

Mr. Hewitt says this is the only instance of the camail being tied down that has been observed in England

The Sulneys, of Newton Solney, in Repton, held a knighthood for five consecutive generations. Sir Alured was the last of his line.

Хотя некоторые описания приписывают это надгробие John'у, но данные о нем скудны, по некоторым его вообще не существовало, и он умер около 1392?, что не соответствует стилю изображенного костюма, а вот датировка 1375 - дата смерти Alured'а, вполне правдоподобна, поэтому это более вероятная персонализация.

John died childless and Newton Solney passed by the marriage of his sister Margery to Sir Nicholas Longford. The longfords sold it the Leighs, thence by marriage to the Every family.

John de Solney, the last male descendent of this line, died in 1390

John Solney
Birth: About 1331 Newton Solney, Derby, England
died in 1390
father - Alfred de Solney, Birth: About 1275 Of, Newton Solney, Derby, England
mother - Margaret (unknown)

Personal Data
Surname Foljambe
First name Godfrey
Dating 1376
Location Bakewell
Life dates 1317 - 29 May 1376
Title Baron of the Exchequer
chief steward of the duchy of Lancaster
Close relatives father - Sir Thomas de Foljambe (ca. 1282 - ca. 1326)
mother - Alice Foljambe
wife (1) - Anne
wife (2) - (1342) Avena Ireland (1320-13 December 1382)
Godfrey Foljamba (ca. 1344 - 1376),
Geoffrey Foljambe the younger (died 1375),
Richard Foljambe (born ca. 1348)
Thomas Foljambe (ca. 1355 - 1433, Tideswell, Derbyshire)
Type of the object tomb effigy
Place of manufacturing
(place of burial)
Place of exposition All Saints Church, Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK
Date of manufacturing  

All Saints' Church, Bakewell, is the parish church of Bakewell, Derbyshire

Sir Godfrey de Foljambe (born 1317 died 29 May 1376, Bakewell, Derbyshire) was a prominent landowner and politician in fourteenth-century England, who was a Baron of the Exchequer and chief steward of the duchy of Lancaster. He went on to have a successful career as an Irish judge, including three years as Lord Chief Justice of Ireland. He was initially a servant of Philippa of Hainault before becoming a prominent member of the affinity of her son, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. His tomb can still be seen at All Saints Church, Bakewell.

Alabaster sculpture circa 1350, possibly for Beauchief Abbey in Derbyshire

Alabaster, 1350-75
A rare survivor, this alabaster sculpture of four knights attacking Becket was removed from a church to protect it from damage. The heraldic shields at its base commemorate the marriage of Sir Godfrey Foljambe (blue with scallop shells) and Avena Ireland (red with fleur de lis). The couple commissioned it in the 1300s, possibly for Beauchief Abbey in Derbyshire, which was dedicated to St Thomas.
[British Museum]
Thomas Becket: Murder and the Making of a Saint

Оба предмета явно имеют общее происхождение (одинаковые гербы) и близкую датировку (идентичные доспехи), поэтому могут рассматриваться как один объект

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